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    burning man 2023

    Too many videos not enough thinking and interpretation. Why do we need videos to tell us what we already know? Clickbait do not comply.
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    Stand With Ukraine? No Thanks. Business As Usual.

    Lot of distractions but the key to everything is the Ukraine war. The Zionist MSM is promoting this war because they want to turn Ukraine into another Israel so NATO can establish close proximity to Russia and steal everything from Russia like they have stolen everything from USA. Zelensky buys...
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    burning man 2023

    I find this festival and others like them dehumanizing and in a way similar to the Nazi rallies like the Nuremberg rally. Hitler tried to get young people to be healthy and strong such as the Hitler Youth program etc. But the Zionist MSM would have us believe that Woodstock etc are some great...
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    burning man 2023

    Perhaps if they lay down all their Pride Flags in a straight line a leprechaun will appear riding a unicorn and fly them to safety.
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    burning man 2023

    I read somewhere that this festival is supposed to be anti capitalism yet all these people have expensive motor homes and too much money they got by living in a capitalist society. Bunch of weirdos and phonies.
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    Danny Masterson r*pe "scandal"

    This thread is six years old yet it appears that occasionally something good happens.. Masterson is in prison. Never could stand That Seventies show either.
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    Nick Carter

    So sad to hear that Paris Hilton was abused.
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    What if 9/23 was not referring to a day and a month…. but a month and a year??

    I read somewhere that they starting another plandemic in September I think it was on Alex Jones.
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    Exposing the luciferian sunke temple trust cult; "divine mother"; isis/ishtar; "kaneh bosm"; mary jane blackshear/maitreya

    I just bought a jar of hemp fiber from Canada. I promise Divine Mother I will eat it every day and never think unkind thoughts about HER. I have enough problems already and don't want to risk getting on HER bad side. She is so intelligent and cosmic she might be able to hear me think. I'm not...
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    Annoying Trends

    Did BLACK LIES MATTER invade your Lego town LOL.
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    Stand with HAWAII Maui

    Since this is on npr I think that this is just a cover to deflect what the real cause was.. Look over there a squirrel.
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    The LIVE CHAT thread

    Anyone want to talk about what a craphole London has become especially since Muslim Sadiq Khan was appointed mayor?
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    The Illuminati in the Country Music Industry

    I think it's important to understand the difference between modern "country music " and country western. What passes for country music today such as Taylor Swift etc is a far cry from the original country western such as Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard and many others. I find country...
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    The Illuminati in the Country Music Industry

    They always promoting big breasts yet poor Dolly Parton actually had breast reduction surgery.
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    LGBT+ Targeting Autistic People

    Maybe autistic people not as gullible as the average citizen. This makes the elites angry.
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    Stand with HAWAII Maui

    I now have read that this guy is also the coroner too. And have read somewhere that the children that have been missing are likely victims of sex trafficking if they are still alive. Some might find this hard to believe but this whole thing is rigged and nothing is out of the realm of...
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    Annoying Trends

    You and Mohammed Atta still hoping for the 13 nine year old virgins that you were promised in a fantasy world? I tell you what you going to get in reality: 13 guys named Bubba and they will all give you a chance to prove you not a bigot.
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    Annoying Trends

    What's next we have to learn Arabic? And now they are promoting sex with nine year girls. Could someone please call Child Protection Services or something?
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    Stand with HAWAII Maui

    I have been trying to decide what is more insulting to our intelligence this fire or twin towers fairy tale. I guess since they are getting away with the fake November 3 2020 election they have been emboldened and will try anything.