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    Soul quaking

    Soul quaking
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    Centered on Jesus [MEDIA]

    Centered on Jesus
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    Are Computers evil?

    We live in a computerized age. What do you think of computers?
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    Kim Petras and the trans agenda

    "Illuminati queen". These people aren´t queens, they´re just crazies.
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    Anyone having more trouble sleeping lately?

    You can put your phone on plane mode to reduce some of the signals being sent through it. I have my phone on plane mode most of the time.
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    Your book club: five non fiction recommendation everyone must read

    Well, here is perhaps an opinion of Vigilant Citizen himself: This one is also very good:
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    The Enya Thread

    Perhaps that´s the point: New Age seems harmless, but it´s not.
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    Alter Personas in the Entertainment Industry

    There are a number of in-depth articles on topics such as MK Ultra here on this site. Here is an article that might interest you: Database:
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    Websites Like Vc
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    Gnostic Deception in the “Truth Movement”

    ´This video is private´. Can´t watch the video.
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    Guided meditations on spirit guides/guardian angel/manifest abundance/twinflame/5ce

    I think it´s safer to stay away from all of those, and commit yourself to Jesus Christ.
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    Jackson Wang
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    Sharing the The BIGGEST Megathread with Resources on the entire internet

    Good idea, but then the first article starts out declaring 30% are ghost possessed. Further below, you have links to illegal software downloads. This doesn´t really seem like a good thing to be publishing. Nice try, though.
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    God of war Main Menu : one eye symbolism?

    Quite possibly it is. There is plenty of symbolism in modern games. Check out this one:
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    What are you listening to?

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    The Stable Presence - Five Traits of Resilient Fathers Article by Joe Rigney
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    Why is that?

    Why is that?
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    The church of England is making god non binary. Yes you read that right

    Baphomet is androgynous. God is Father, He is the leader.
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    Crazy Stuff--Insert Here

    ,,, and Game of Thrones!