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  1. Miss Terry

    Favorite Bible Verses

    Let us keep this updated :) I want to read verses everyday
  2. Miss Terry

    Watching right now

    Watching right now
  3. Miss Terry

    Met Gala 2018

    They call it as "Catholic Imagination" more like Babylonian Celebration lol
  4. Miss Terry

    What are you listening to?

    I don't know why am I addicted to Post Malone's new album haha. Beerpongs & Bentleys
  5. Miss Terry

    Met Gala 2018

    BTW, I guess this is so "Catholic" and not Christian
  6. Miss Terry

    Met Gala 2018

    I have seen this and its totally ridiculous!
  7. Miss Terry

    Family feud - new song from Jayz & beyonce

    Anyone seen this MV? Hope VC write an article about it
  8. Miss Terry

    Symbolism in Old Cartoons

    not only in cartoons but also on anime
  9. Miss Terry

    Las Vegas Shooting

    This is getting worst :mad::mad::mad:
  10. Miss Terry

    So.. September 23.

    Let see what will happen... 4 days to go
  11. Miss Terry

    Are Satan And Lucifer The Same Being?

    Satan and Lucifer is the same. Satan as the dark Lucifer as the light This brings about the meaning of duality. It was also said it is hermaphrodite - means it has two gender either feminine / masculine. Hope you get my point, i can't express it so much here LOL...
  12. Miss Terry

    Mk Ultra "glitch" Videos

    What happened to Kourtney haha
  13. Miss Terry

    Hurricane Harvy

    wow there's something in those numbers
  14. Miss Terry

    Hurricane Harvy

    Yup the first one was happened here in the Philippines, they made for the first history Category 5 Super typhoon Haiyan or locally known as 'Yolanda' I believe this one is their first experiment, and it was successful I guess
  15. Miss Terry

    Bruno Mars Satanic Connections Exposed

    The first thing I heard about "i wanna be a billionaire" song i thought about that he is selling his soul to the elite
  16. Miss Terry

    listening to 2000s hits

    listening to 2000s hits
  17. Miss Terry

    Chester Bennington's Death

    You're lucky!!!
  18. Miss Terry

    Random Thoughts

    Just finished eating my breakfast.... feels so gooood :):)
  19. Miss Terry

    Favorite Things Thread!

    Haha yes this is my favorite hobby ;);)
  20. Miss Terry

    Favorite Things Thread!

    You guys have a cool life. While me im just confined here on my room all day long... just surfing the net LOL!