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  1. Johnny5

    The LIVE CHAT thread

    This is why I left earlier this year and have only returned minimally off and on.
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    Whatever happened to ...?

    Humble as always!
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    Market Crash & the Covid Game

    If/when you get your crypto, you need to get a hard wallet to store it. Don't trust these online exchanges. Mt Gox is a good reference for what can happen if you don't have it stored in a hard wallet.
  5. Johnny5

    Parler & co: What's your strategy to avoid internet thought control ?

    My alternative to these services and sites is my own voice. By that I mean actually using my vocal chords and lungs to actually talk to people again.
  6. Johnny5

    Big Tech Purge, Exodus and Beyond

    Soon there will be only one message and only one delivery system.
  7. Johnny5

    The American “Coup d’etat”

    They have all three branches of gov now. They feel embolden like never before. They have shown recently they will do what they darn well please. I would not be surprised at any action taken in the coming months. Gun grab, stifling free speech, more lock downs, vaccines, etc... I pray that...
  8. Johnny5

    The American “Coup d’etat”

    Loeffler sure does appear to be trying to be politically expedient though.
  9. Johnny5

    Pick A Word, Drop A Word

    Maple bacon
  10. Johnny5

    Pick A Word, Drop A Word

    Maple syrup
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    The American “Coup d’etat”

    I was about wish everyone to stay safe as well. Good night everyone. Now to erase those tattoos out of my head before I sleep.
  12. Johnny5

    The American “Coup d’etat”

    You mean like baphomet on one of his nips?
  13. Johnny5

    The American “Coup d’etat”

    Not to make light of all this, but for him to get a tattoo that close to south of the border takes a lot of tequila, pain killers or total lack of pain receptors in the area.
  14. Johnny5

    The American “Coup d’etat”

  15. Johnny5

    Crazy Stuff--Insert Here

    Good grief. This just ridiculous.
  16. Johnny5

    The American “Coup d’etat”

    At least we will have interesting stories to tell our grandchildren when they ask us what it was like to be alive in 2020 and 2021.
  17. Johnny5

    The American “Coup d’etat”

    I am not denying that it was Antifa or Prod Boys. That is my point, I couldn't see who left the busses.
  18. Johnny5

    The American “Coup d’etat”

    I could see the white vanscin the phone video he is holding, but couldn't see who got out of the busses. So who know... I do wonder though.. WHY DONT PROPLE TURN THEIR PHONES SIDEWAYS WHEN TAKING OUTDOOR WIDE FRAME RECODINGS !?!
  19. Johnny5

    I need a list of MK Ultra symbols

    Is it bad that I liked that book in high school? I'd prolly hate it now. Holden would prolly seem like a spoiled punk to me know Lol.
  20. Johnny5

    American Breakdown

    Yeah, I assumed it was either lack of refrigeration due to cost or not wanting to take on liability for highly perishable items going bad and people getting ill from consuming them. That is good to know some have ties to local farmers and receive overflow from them.