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    The Tiny Dot

    Pyramid schemes. You could show this to everyone you know - or not! The choice is ultimately yours.
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    Church fully Illuminati controlled

    This is from Danish 'Christian' magazine's Facebook page. They've put the number 1968 there which is when there was 'sexual liberation' in Denmark. There is the peace symbol (upside down broken cross) and a few others there, as well. I went to church this Sunday to have a look at the situation...
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    Symbolic pics sharing thread (allseeingeye...)

    ( ^ currently @ website and street banner)
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    A short essay on numbers, vigilance, cause & effect and efficiency

    At this time of writing, the Vigilant Citizen website has 82,874 Facebook fans. This is roughly the equivalent of a moderately large city such as the city of Tracy, California, US. If every person who gave VC a 'Like' on Facebook brought in 9 new members 'Liking' the website, the...
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    Look up
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    Symbolic Community Pics of the Month 11/17

    A major Danish bank. Does the logo remind you of anything? Resemblance? You decide. There's an election this month on the 21st. Sisse Marie Welling here seems to worry about 'air pollution' so I sent her an email asking what she thinks of the chemtrailing. No response. Either this is a...
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    Symbolic Community Pics of the Month 11/17

    Would it be interesting/relevant hosting a monthly expose of community-captured symbolic pics similar to what VC is doing? I take many photographs and have a large number of 'Illuminati' pictures stored dating as much as a year back, with a sizeable number from November alone. Since I became...
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    World Sight Day

    It's 'World Sight Day'! Which, of course, presents an excellent opportunity for some eye-pranks. (wonder if she consents to having this picture posted) (This woman above is a famous Danish actress and is how I...
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    Look up

    Hi, my phone that I used for filming isn't cooperating right now. I have several videos showing the clear difference between contrails and chemtrails. Will upload once possible. However, it basically shows you the same as what was already posted in the video on page one @ 8:28, linked below. In...
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    Look up

    I think you are truly entertaining that idea you just don't want to believe this is really happening, which is understandable. In the context of what else you've seen VC (and others, I assume) expose, though, is it really so surprising that this is in fact happening? Of course, there were...
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    Look up

    All pictures taken today - Beltaine (May 1st 2017) Copenhagen and nearby area.