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  1. kerrichinchilla

    Canadian advert encourages suicide

    Not only has Canada jumped off the deep end when it comes to rights during COVID they are encouraging people to kill themselves! I recently saw an article about encouraging the homeless, mentally ill and chronic Ill to commit suicide or have assisted suicide but now adverts are trying to make...
  2. kerrichinchilla

    Died suddenly documentary: thoughts?

    So im currently watching. I see main stream media is trying to condemn it which is usually a sign something is on the right track. Any one else seen it?
  3. kerrichinchilla

    Has anyone seen the videos doing the rounds on Twitter of animals walking in circles

    So I keep seeing videos on Twitter of sheep, reindeer, insects, birds ect walking in circles. Just walking around and around. It's really weird. Just wondering if anyone has any ideas.
  4. kerrichinchilla

    24th September

    Im seeing a lot of talk about something significant happening on this day. Has anyone else heard anything?
  5. kerrichinchilla

    Another young woman's programming breaking down - Cara Delevingne

    Seems another woman in the business hits 30 and breaks down. She's even wearing a Britney Spears t shirt. Another famous beta slave who also had a breakdown According to the article she was unable to stop moving, was jittery and could not control her body...
  6. kerrichinchilla

    Milton Keynes UK. The more you look into it the weirder it gets

    I live quite close to Milton Keynes, we always joke about it being city of roundabouts, as there are so many. However just seen this tik tok, and then started looking into it even more and well it gets weirder and weirder. Apparently its built entirely for the freemasons...
  7. kerrichinchilla

    RIP Oliver Newton John but every time these celebs have some interesting links

    Why is it so many celebs have links to government spies or dodgy government agencies?
  8. kerrichinchilla

    Opinions on the Uk Commonwealth games opening ceremony

    So we know the Olympics is full of symbology. But what about this. Not much about it but the bull just seems off
  9. kerrichinchilla

    Rio Olympic closing ceremony did the same as the London Olympic opening ceremony. tell us what will happen

    i think mpst of us know the 2012 olympic opening ceremony was creepy and told us exactly what the elites were planning. For those that dont here are some links
  10. kerrichinchilla

    Seattle zombie lady

    Jst seen this video. My instant reaction, like most people would be drugs. But the more i watch it i dont know. Very strange
  11. kerrichinchilla

    food storage/transport being destroyed. We need to stat catagueing these occurances

    like the title says we need to see the pattern. Every time we see it in the news we should place them in the thread and collect evidence of where and when its happening.
  12. kerrichinchilla

    Seems the school shootings are back on.
  13. kerrichinchilla

    Somethings not right with the vegetables in the UK

    Im currently trying to grow my own veg. Ive completely turned my garden in to veg and fruit garden. But until then I need to buy veg at the shop. Mainly because I have guinea pigs. Anyone who has ever seen or owned a guinea pig knows they are well pigs. They can eat for days and will continue to...
  14. kerrichinchilla

    Brit asking what is going on with American food distibuters??

    Planes crashing into them, fires erupting. Seems something weird is going on. Waiting for the same in the UK
  15. kerrichinchilla

    The family sex show. A stage show for 5 years and up. Includes nudity and talk of sexual fetishes

    In the UK right now there is a show touring the UK geared towards young children teaching them about sex. It includes nudity, adult mena nd women stripping down naked in front of children. Their website lists such acts/things as BDSM, masturbation, queerness, sex toy use, pegging, prostitution...
  16. kerrichinchilla

    Unusual twitter thread from UK health securty agency regarding children with jaunice

    Readint his makes me put on my tin foil hat. Now why would this suddenly be an issue, so much so they put up a warning?
  17. kerrichinchilla

    Foo fighters and studio 666

    Anyone seen this new movie coming out called studio 666? The premise ''While the Foo Fighters struggle to record their tenth album at an Encino mansion, band frontman Dave Grohl is forced to battle the supernatural forces within the house.'' This...