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  1. Leviathan

    Celebrities acting inappropriately/weird/evil/invincible on TV or in public

    Jim Carrey kisses Alicia Silverstone without permission as she tries to push him away.
  2. Leviathan

    Anne Heche

    People on Twitter seem to think so because there is a video of her sitting up on the stretcher and apparently trying to escape yet a paramedic pushes her back down. They also mentioned a movie she starred in called Toxic Skies about chemtrails and a movie called Girl In Room 13 about sex...
  3. Leviathan


    So if this is the case, will they want us quarantined/social distanced for the rest of our lives? Are we going to have to wear masks in public forever? Or will we just eventually go back to a reasonably normal way of life and let it do whatever it wants to do?
  4. Leviathan

    How deep is the rabbit hole?

    I have wondered the same thing. What about the one hit wonders who fade into obscurity after one big song? What about the ones who are in low budget B-movies and still have a small fanbase (though their names would mean nothing to the average person)? What about the ones who leave the...
  5. Leviathan

    Edward Furlong and Ron Jeremy

    I have often wondered the same thing. I think maybe people who are not the best looking watch it so they can live vicariously through him. Sort of an "A guy who looks like me gets to **** all these hot chicks. Isn't that great?" kind of thing. Sorry to be crass, but it is the only explanation I...
  6. Leviathan

    Edward Furlong and Ron Jeremy

    Wow, Edward Furlong looks like hell. He must've lived a very rough life. I feel kind of bad for him.
  7. Leviathan

    Which Witch

    I am not at all impressed by the song and find it very bland sounding. I completely forgot how it went as soon as it was over. And reading the lyrics, they are Satanic enough on their own even without the video: Boy, don't call me angel You ain’t got me right Don't call me angel You can't pay...
  8. Leviathan

    Sam Smith breaks their silence

    I don't get why everybody is so obsessed with their gender all of a sudden. 10 years ago nobody ever gave their pronouns a thought and now it is everywhere. Just because you are a man doesn't mean you have to be a macho stereotype. You can be whoever and whatever you want.
  9. Leviathan


    Now I do agree that they are pushing extremely hard for the erasure of gender altogether. Even if you don't believe the transvestigation stuff, how often do you see articles saying "paparazzi caught ____ celebrity walking the streets of town with their son wearing a dress and sporting long...
  10. Leviathan

    White Nationalist Trump Supporter Murders 20

    What is sad is that we are so desensitized to all this that it will be forgotten in 3 days anyway. Then will be the next one. Everybody says "don't reveal the shooters' names, don't show their pictures! It only glorifies them and encourages more people to do the same thing to obtain notoriety!"...
  11. Leviathan

    Travis Barker Speaks Out After Echosmith Drummer, 20, Apologizes for DM'ing His 13-Year-Old Daughter

    I think both sides are in the wrong. Her parents shouldn't be letting her dress like a hooker and wear more makeup than most drag queens. It makes her look too mature for her age and with her being a public figure, it may attract unwanted attention from certain unsavory characters. But on the...
  12. Leviathan

    video: how horror movies brainwashes you

    Yes, and I think ugly and brutal events like the Vietnam War, the assassinations of John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr., the Manson murders, etc. probably had a lot to do with why horror was becoming so violent in the 60s/early '70s as well. That is A LOT of violence and bloodshed for...
  13. Leviathan

    video: how horror movies brainwashes you

    I would say the huge success of Paranormal Activity 10 years ago inspired two horror subgenres at once; "found footage" and supernatural. Sure, you had movies like The Blair Witch Project before that, but I guess 10 years was enough time so it felt fresh to people again. Found footage has died...
  14. Leviathan

    video: how horror movies brainwashes you

    i think horror movies as we know them really started in the '60s. Starting in the '30s and into the '40s you had your classics like Dracula, Frankenstein, Wolf Man, etc., which were good, but implied a lot more than they showed and left a lot to the imagination. And the '50s were when giant...
  15. Leviathan

    Asia Argento, Who Accused Weinstein, Made Deal With Her Own Accuser

    He has unfollowed her and her daughter both now, but she still follows him. With the amount of hate comments she gets on a daily basis, I don't think she'll log on for a very long time to change that, though.
  16. Leviathan

    Asia Argento, Who Accused Weinstein, Made Deal With Her Own Accuser

    There is something on my mind about this story. At the end of the article Thunderian linked in the original post, it states: And as I sit here writing this post, Jimmy and Asia both still follow each other on Instagram. No joke. Maybe I am the crazy one, but I wouldn't want to follow someone...
  17. Leviathan

    Asia Argento, Who Accused Weinstein, Made Deal With Her Own Accuser

    And the article she linked to was about a new accusation against Polanski, by the way, to put it in context. Asia claims she didn't know the full extent of the story when she signed the petition or else...
  18. Leviathan

    Asia Argento, Who Accused Weinstein, Made Deal With Her Own Accuser

    In addition to the tweets I linked above there were also tweets of her going on and on about how talented and great he was, how he was one of the greatest actors she had ever seen. It felt like she was obsessed with him from all the tweets of her gushing over him, including the ones I posted...
  19. Leviathan

    Asia Argento, Who Accused Weinstein, Made Deal With Her Own Accuser

    I was shocked to read that. It would seem she did all that crusading against sexual predators knowing damn well she had skeletons in her own closet. Although Jimmy deleted his Twitter account you can still find plenty of tweets by Asia to him which are very interesting. I managed to screenshot...