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    BALENCIAGA pedo ring

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    What are you listening to?

    Aint nothing other like 90's ADF. Lyrics are largely based on "Bidrohi". Bidrohi is one of the most famous poems in the Bengali language , one written by Kazi Nazrul Islam in December, 1921. Published in several periodicals, the poem was first collected in 1922 in a volume titled Agnibena...
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    Rallies, Protests, and General Street Action thread

    USA and Canada are sending military and weapons to Haiti to help their puppet ?
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    This is from around 10 years old Ted-x speech and Raymond Rife used this method to treat all kinds of illnesses almost 100 years ago. He got destroyed by Rockefeller and FDA and the rest of the gang.Freemason Morris Fishbein was one of his main destroyers. FDA confiscated alot of his stuff and...
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    BALENCIAGA pedo ring

    Her instagram was/is full of sick stuff .She turned it private.
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    BALENCIAGA pedo ring

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    How And Why Does Israel Have So Much Power?
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    New Kanye Psy-op "Disgraced rapper Kanye West is in the lead to win the dishonorable title by watchdog group StopAntisemitism. Voting for the finalist is open until December 11."
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    New Kanye Psy-op

    If you sign a contract where you give someone else the right "To use your name and likeness for perpetuity throughout the universe" ,aint that kinda like selling your soul?
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    Trump 2024

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    The Elon Musk thread

    How else are we gonna get ad's and brainwashing directly to our brain in 4k resolution if they dont test it on animals first.Pfft.
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    New Kanye Psy-op
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    Stand With Ukraine? No Thanks. Human trafficking in Kosovo has seen "a steep rise" since NATO troops and UN administrators took over Kosovo. According to Amnesty International, NATO servicemen and UN staff "generate 80% of the income" for pimps and human traffickers...
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    How And Why Does Israel Have So Much Power? THE STATE OF ISRAEL so fears its own history that it passed a law, in 2011, penalizing anyone who commemorates the day of its establishment as one of mourning rather than celebration. Dubbed the “Nakba law” after the Arabic word...