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  1. Artful Revealer

    Trump 2024 Now that it's official, might want a dedicated thread to follow up on Trump's campaign trail. It was underwhelming to say the least. The AR-15 felt like a squirt gun. I...
  2. Artful Revealer

    Roots of the ADL

    A brave upload by reallygraceful She'll need the courage to face what is inevitably gonna come her way.
  3. Artful Revealer

    Of Platitudes and Legal Disasters in the Making

    If it wasn't worth watching, I wouldn't make a thread for it.
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    Build Back Better: the Great Reset

    Let’s isolate this topic in a dedicated thread. We've all been exposed to leaders (like Joe Biden & Boris Johnson) and globalist institutions (like the UN & the WEF) propagating this global initiative under the motto "Build Back Better". The basic message of the Great Reset is best...
  5. Artful Revealer

    Trump 2 vs the FED ?

    Initially posted this in a thread but figured it’s too big to not have a thread of its own. According to information I picked up, Trump’s 2nd term, which is guaranteed, will include the National Economic Security and Recovery Act. I strongly recommend reading the info below. NESARA...
  6. Artful Revealer

    Kabbalah's Little Sweetheart

    Feel like a tourist in the Entertainment section. Either way, Ariana Grande, Kabbalah's latest little sweetheart, made a song 2 years ago, didn't even know it existed, slightly obsessing about "light coming to give back what the darkness stole." I'm not seeing many users here that frequent...
  7. Artful Revealer

    The Russian Constitution: Amendments

    Some of my personal favourite amendments proposed earlier this year and approved by popular vote on 1 July 2020: The Russian Constitution should take precedence over international law; Persons who hold "important positions for ensuring the country's security" (President, Ministers, judges...
  8. Artful Revealer

    Common Myths About Catholicism

    Please address the myths, debunked or not, only. Lisa, you've been warned. :D
  9. Artful Revealer

    Israel's Expansion is Self-Defense

    No, this isn't a Babylon Bee article. When asked if Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is...
  10. Artful Revealer

    YouTube Censorship

    Election meddling by big tech has begun. In a span of less than a month YouTube has permanently banned: Dieudonné M'bala M'bala Stefan Molyneux Jared Taylor / AmRen Iconoclast Press TV Richard Spencer E. Michael Jones / Culture Wars Atheism-Is-Unstoppable Egalité et Reconciliation...
  11. Artful Revealer

    Perfect Preservation of the Quran

    First off, refrain from childishly interpreting this as an Islam-bashing topic. If anything, it's something proponents of perfect preservation should've made peace with a long time ago for their own credibility's sake. Perfect preservation of the Quran has always been one of the most absurd...
  12. Artful Revealer

    Slavery Abolition Act of 1833

    It basically comes down to this: In 1833 the UK instituted the Slavery Abolition Act to abolish slavery in the Britsh Empire, with some exceptions. The UK government raised £20 million (the equivalent of £23 billion today), which was 40% of its annual income revenue and 5% of GDP, to compensate...
  13. Artful Revealer

    Illuminating History: from Weishaupt to Marx

    It's been over 7 years since I posted this one on a Vigilant forum. After my blog having expired, VC forums having been deleted entirely unannounced and a computer crash which wiped clean everything I had backed up, by some miracle I was able to find this hidden away deep within an external hard...
  14. Artful Revealer

    A Letter to Trump

    by Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano. Some snippets: "In recent months we have been witnessing the formation of two opposing sides that I would call Biblical: the children of light and the children of darkness. The children of light constitute the most conspicuous part of humanity, while the...
  15. Artful Revealer

    Stats on Crime, Police, Black and White

    People fatally shot by the police: Source: * Will use data for 2017-2018 to comply with data from Crime Data Explorer. * White will consistently include Hispanics / Latinos. * 'Unknown' will be adjusted according to known ratios, calculated by subtracting the unknown from the...
  16. Artful Revealer

    It's Time to Reconsider Malcolm X

    There's still this suffocating aura of taboo surrounding the topic, but let's not kid ourselves: race, ethnicity and religion are fundamental components to social order. Time to quit fantasy land and return to reality. People virtue signaling about peace and love and unity to earn social...
  17. Artful Revealer

    The Gospel of Thomas: a Gnostic Interpretation

    Hi, The next interpretation is an attempt to unravel the hidden meanings behind the sayings in the Gospel of Thomas. This sayings gospel was discovered among the Nag Hammadi writings found in Egypt 1945. They had presumably been buried there after the Bishop of Alexandria condemned all...
  18. Artful Revealer

    Paradigm Shift in US Conservatism

    I can't express enough excitement at what just happened at Charlie Kirk's latest Turning Point USA meeting. One listener after the other took the Q&A session to literally wreck Charlie Kirk and his guest speaker with questions that make the typical neocon puppet's ass crack sweat. Each and...
  19. Artful Revealer

    The Orphanage - Part 1

    The Orphanage - Part 1 Once upon a time there was an orphanage. An orphanage enclosed by a towering, dark, ugly wall, topped by a huge wrought iron gate with pointy bars, standing in the middle of a stretched meadow with tall pines encircling it like the seas encircle land. In the midst of...
  20. Artful Revealer

    Abortion - The End of the Slippery Slope

    On January 22, 2019, New York State Senate passed legislation allowing late-term abortion. Mayor Cuomo directed the WTC to be lit in pink to - quote - "celebrate this achievement and shine a bright light forward for the rest of the nation to follow." This morbid pink phallic sign on the...