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  1. Mr.Anderson

    Hollywood trying to influence brazilian elections

    Mark Ruffalo, Mark Hamill and Leonardo DiCaprio have recently tweeted about brazil, trying to convice the young ones about the importance of voting, trying to convice people from 16 and above to get their papers right, with special attention towards Lula. Hm.... what was this called, again...
  2. Mr.Anderson

    What will you do if/when WWWIII breaks out?

    Things are getting... well, thingy. At first we got a pandemic and now we're getting a war that is stretching waaay more than anyone was expecting and now the 21th century is looking eerily similar to the 20th century. I'll not enter in the specifics but there is a very real chance of a new...
  3. Mr.Anderson

    Four disney employees arrested for human trafficking

    LOL Less than a week after LGBT+ quarrel in florida and GLAD pressuring hollywood Disney already lost some of it's armor
  4. Mr.Anderson

    Phantom of the Paradise

    Just finished this great entertaining movie. It was filmed in the middle 70's and has pretty much everything we see here about the music industry: 1. Producers doing a deal with the devil for eternal youth (akin to Picture of Dorian Grey) 2. Said producer sacrificing artists AND audience 3...
  5. Mr.Anderson

    Shia Labeouf (Actual Cannibal Shia LaBeouf)

    Nothing new here. It's just that now this song has a whole new meaning 10 years after its fist appearence.
  6. Mr.Anderson

    Marília Mendonça Death

    Marília Mendonça was a famous brazilian singer. She died last week, november 5, in an airplane crash. Thing is, she was signed to Som Livre, and this company was bought by Sony Music earlier in april. Guess when the transaction was officially done? November 4. There are a couple of things that...
  7. Mr.Anderson

    San Francisco Gay Choir

    Nothing much to say, the video is pretty much self explanatory. The chorus then emmited a note explaining that this was only a tongue-in-cheek satirical song. Well, except for this: The thing is, this isn't the first time this thing of stuff happens. The video above is quite old now, it...
  8. Mr.Anderson

    Haiti president assassinated;

    Haiti President Jovenel Moise killed in an attack on his residence - CNN related to...? The New Humanitarian | Haiti still awaiting first COVID vaccines, as cases surge
  9. Mr.Anderson

    Three Gorges Dam / China Floods

    Apparentely there is an uproar regarding the real situation of the three gorges dam. What the CCP admits is that there is an ongoing flood that is already lasting about a year and some months and the three gorges dam are doing its best to control it, even tough they too admit that they already...
  10. Mr.Anderson

    John McAfee found dead in his prison cell

    Not too much to add, except that he apparentely mentioned earlier that he wouldn't kill himself "a la epstein".
  11. Mr.Anderson

    Black fungus disease in india possibly related to nasal swabs

    source: Are Nasal Swabs Used In Covid Testing Behind The Outbreak Of Black Fungus? ( also, I'd like to add this video here: Video Shows Covid-19 Testing Kits Being Packed In A Slum Near Mumbai - YouTube No wonder this black fungi is spreading. Even if we exclude the above...
  12. Mr.Anderson

    "Operation Harem BR" - International Woman Trafficking Scheme Dismantled

    [Link - PT/BR] For those who can't read portuguese: Brazilian Federal Police (something like USA's FBI) was investigating a man called Rodrigo Otavio Cotait who was trafficking women as slaves / sex slaves. Ok, this is terrible but is still the standard operation. What gives this case special...
  13. Mr.Anderson

    The Boate Kiss Fire incident

    So, I'm on my break and I recently found out that there is something fishy about the Boate Kiss fire (a.k.a. Santa Maria Fire) and since i'm not that lazy anymore and I have to flesh out my writing skills i've decided to write a little report on what happened and the controversies behind it. 1...
  14. Mr.Anderson

    Newsweek - "Can blood from young people slow aging?"

    How much more in your face can this be? Can Blood from Young People Slow Aging? Silicon Valley Has Bet Billions It Will ( Of course i'm talking about adrenochrome
  15. Mr.Anderson

    The Dog's Will

    Hey guys and girls! Grab your popcorn! I recently compared the red devil from LNX's Montero to the devil from the brazilian movie "The Dog's Will". The nice thing is that I found it full with english subtitles. I invite you to watch this incredible movie based on a play by Ariano Suassuna...
  16. Mr.Anderson

    Ship stuck at Suez

    try repeating "ship stuck at suez" quickly three times! I haven't seen a thread on this here, yet. Apparentely the stuck ship is reaaally bad for the world general economy: Oil, coffee, toilet paper and more jammed by ship stuck in Suez Canal ( This sucks. At least here in...
  17. Mr.Anderson

    "Monkey Hate" on youtube

    In my intrinsic 5th grade instinct once I searched on youtube for a video where a bear accidentaly hits himself in his lower parts. The, like a drug dealer approaching a naïve kid, youtube then reccomended me some monkey cruelty abuse videos. Apparentely there is a yuge ammount of monkey...
  18. Mr.Anderson

    The Great Reopening

    Apparentely, the english are forcing the reopening of business since yesterday: Anti-lockdown campaigners push for illegal 'Great Reopening' of shops and businesses from TOMORROW | Daily Mail Online All of this reminds me of this pic I saw online:
  19. Mr.Anderson

    Armie Hammer accused of Cannibalism

    To the surprise of the total of zero people, one of the lead actors from Call Me By Your Name is accused of bein a cannibal:
  20. Mr.Anderson

    The Wilds and MK-Ultra

    Just finished watching the first season. Pretty good show, actually, and i'm looking foward the next season. Altough it is a teen drama series, the ammount of agenda themes isn't that much, just enough to fill the selling point quota. That said, i've noticed some topics regarding mk-ultra and...