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  1. Maes17

    Minor rant/rave

    I appreciate you guys throwing my name in mentions sometimes. I’m not going to call out specific users. Fact of the matter is we all have our beliefs, opinions. I personally do not feel attacked, mistreated, yadda yadda. In gesture/relation despite differences I hope y’alls do the same.The...
  2. Maes17

    VC forum roast 4 with 100% BBQ and spicy seasoning

    Hello ladies & gentlemen and welcome to the post pandemic VC forum roast 4. It is I your host @Maes17….er excuse me, maes16 Unfortunately @polymoog was unable to host. I dared him to try a big mac and to no avail he developed kidney stones. He swore it was the burger, I tried to tell him it...
  3. Maes17


    Alright @VigilantCitizen I have no problem with the forum as is. Trolls, bots etc are scattered throughout many websites not just here. Just the territory of forums. Just a suggestion only because I notice some more of the more informative posters here prefer threads being ran a certain way...
  4. Maes17

    North Korea Empty threats again or legit?
  5. Maes17

    Delete this after VC

    Just wanted to bring this @justjess attention.
  6. Maes17

    Training vs just working out

    So there seems to be a difference. I’ve always trained physically with a purpose whether it was sport. I’m motivated now just because I have a neighbor who goes off the rails every few months. My dad mode goes into full protection and I train more explosive every 8 weeks. I’ve also been...
  7. Maes17

    Two more months! Going crazy.

    Ok baby is due in August. Kinda been in freak out mode since saturday. Especially after Albuquerque being national attention with a riot shooting, stuff is hitting close to home. Talks of a possible second shutdown. Will I have job? Etc. I feel like I’m going crazy. My mind is definitely...
  8. Maes17

    Think I just had a paranormal experience

    To put it as short as possible. Laying around, lurking the VC forums. Our tabby cat likes to jump up and lay down next to the wife and I. I could swear I felt my cat jump on crawl on me. Shine my phone down to the spot where I’m expecting to see her. Nothing.
  9. Maes17

    Just a bit of venting

    Well, I didn’t want to ....but I need an outlet to let off some thoughts. Lol. For the most part I love life. So I’m not depressed or anything. ( I think). Where to start? Holiday hours - fricken bless am I ever so burnt out from working 51 hours overtime. Two paychecks of hitting past 40 hours...
  10. Maes17

    So...I bought an Arc Trainer