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  1. Awoken2

    The LIVE CHAT thread

    Fancy a live chat? Want to speak to somebody who is actually on line at the same time you are? Sick of posting messages that just don't get read when it's busy here? Tired of just waiting............,....................... .................................... for a response? Need to know...
  2. Awoken2

    Unable to play any media.

    @VigilantCitizen since visiting the forum today I've been unable to watch any media content. Is there a technical issue? I just get buffering circles. When I go direct to YouTube they play fine. Any ideas?
  3. Awoken2

    When Religion And Conspiracy Theories Collide.

    I have only the one question really. Why do the people on this forum who want to talk nothing but God not want to discuss ANYTHING which is presented within this very insightful 2 he 33 min video? It has been made by religious people after all. What I have observed since joining this forum is...
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    Well it looks like the Trump thread may now get some respite because the world now has Boris. Worry not...we are in good hands.... this guy makes Trump look like a serious politician.
  5. Awoken2


    A thread for covers that enhanced the song, detracted from the song, or absolutely killed the song.
  6. Awoken2

    Let's play fishy pop stars.

    Ok, a bit of light hearted fun. Any pop stars that you can find in the sea. I'll start off with a nice easy..... Cod Stewart
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    I don't really know how to start with this one but here goes... So I'm flicking through the tv channels perusing the usual Sunday afternoon dross when I come across this. After watching these choreographed underpanted hero's and villans going through their moves for a few minutes my...
  8. Awoken2

    Is Religion A Form Of Mind Control?

    Now I'm not being flippant when asking this question but I am of exactly the same opinion as this man, this was posted on another well known forum. It certainly made perfect sense to me... Quoted from skippytjc on Feb 7th 2005. More humans have died in the name of God, or a god, than any...
  9. Awoken2

    Just imagine if?.........

    ....some people on here weren't people at all...they were just the latest upgrade of the cleverbot programme and you are now being intellectually outdone by a robot? Paste answers in link Question open to real people only.
  10. Awoken2

    Am I banned?

    I appear to have been blocked from using VC on the app on my android phone. The index page loads but any action causes instant encryption making viewing impossible. If I access the site through a search engine this doesn''t happen. I've now logged on with a different device. Any idea what the...
  11. Awoken2


    Avoiding the term crisis actor for obvious reasons. But some of the performances I've seen on tv over recent years of alleged victims of these "events" have been absolutely laughable. It's not just the story they tell, which in this instance below is bordering on cartoonish but also the manner...
  12. Awoken2

    THE RULES OF WARFARE. (A handy guide)

    We are in a battle. That battle is for truth. There is a cabal of very powerful people who want to keep that truth from us. They own the media, and that controls the masses but they DON'T own the truth. They use some very simple techniques, many can be found in Sun Tzu's The Art of War...
  13. Awoken2

    Predictive programming in the music industry.

    Hello everyone, I've just joined today and have not yet had the time to look through all the threads but I have been doing my own work looking at predictive programming in the music industry. I now have a very strong belief that recent staged events such as Vegas and Grenfell Tower were...