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  1. TempestOfTempo

    Pelosi Crime Family: Epstein-Class Edition

    The article speaks for itself... how intertwined does this ghoul and her dark lineage have to be with the Biden family biz in order to spur some actual accountability?
  2. TempestOfTempo

    Max Blumenthal/Grayzone Exposed

    This article clearly exposes Blumenthal, Chomsky, Porter and etc. So much so that almost immediately after it was published, the Blumenthal/Dore network turned on Chomsky in a knee-jerk attempt at damage control. If you doubt that contention just check the youtube video drop-dates of them...
  3. TempestOfTempo

    Ed Opperman... full-on agent or low-level opportunist?

    Verified activity involving disgraced, non-licensed PI scammer Ed Opperman: - Tanked 3 high-profile Epstein cases (based on his own testimony on his own show). - Fled Vegas for Florida once the legal heat was officially turned up regarding his fake-PI racket. - Has a history of connection with...
  4. TempestOfTempo

    Aisha's age at the time of her marriage

    Instead of addressing the issue head on in any of the numerous threads the topic its already being discussed in, or multiple threads devoted to the topic specifically, it has been requested to post this topic (once again) in its own discussion thread. So here you go... and we dont need bubba...
  5. TempestOfTempo

    The Theological Wit and Wisdom of Sister Roz...

    In these trying times, is there anyone of us who could benefit from a bit of good cheer from the good word... brought to us by our good sister?
  6. TempestOfTempo

    Same Old Song

    As asked in another thread, why is it that for the years I have been posting here and the years before I did, one can clearly notice that when threads regarding certain issues such as child abuse and certain figures attached to those issues... those threads or discussions of them in other...
  7. TempestOfTempo

    Gabbard/Sanders/Turner and their Big Lie

    I was very gung-ho in my support of Tulsi Gabbard's Democratic party presidential primary campaign. This was the first time I have ever got on board with a D or R candidate and it will likely be the last. I already knew whats what with these people, but after all these years operating outside...
  8. TempestOfTempo

    Why so negative on Korean media?

    What about good Korean media? Im all about Korean Granny here.... shes so cute and also is wise and classy. I really enjoy her videos! I like at the beginnings when Granny waves hello and says "Hye Keeeys!"
  9. TempestOfTempo

    Trump and Co. Iranian mis-adventures

    This is more than just him and his cadre of cretins, many Dems are fully complicit as well. I will post a few videos here that break down the subject with recent events in mind. If anyone has legit info to add, this is a place for it. If you disagree, this is a place for you to post factual...
  10. TempestOfTempo

    Definitive Climate Change Debate Thread

    These various threads are all over the place and often seem to quickly devolve into personal vendettas and shouting matches devoid of actual facts. So if you would prefer to continue engaging in that sort of activity, knock yourself out in any number of other threads where that kind of poster...
  11. TempestOfTempo

    Venezuela Redux

    Trump and the OAS at it again.......
  12. TempestOfTempo

    The Cat Is Out The Bag/Exit Stage Clintons?

    Background on the lead-up to the last Democratic presidential primary debate....... Tulsi Gabbard's live, on-air response..... The Democratic Machine in general and Hillary Clinton in specific falling off the rails...... Congresswoman and serving major in the US military Tulsi Gabbard...
  13. TempestOfTempo


    Cobra Commander has introduced his organizations economic restructuring plan. As you can clearly see, it involves a return to the gold standard and the elimination of paper, fiat currencies. VOTE COBRA!
  14. TempestOfTempo

    Warning signs of disintegration regarding the American economy.

    The US economy has been on shaky ground long before Commander in Cheeto gained the office of Presidency, but the Trump regimes acceleration of its demise appears to have hit an unprecedented threshold....... I was aware of this phenomenon in a general sense, but this weeks events are beyond red...
  15. TempestOfTempo

    Children's Crisis, lets try this again!

    The last thread got locked due to the exact behavior of the posters I called out in it lol But this is about as serious of a topic as I can think of and there are new developments to address, so lets see if we can actually do some productive work on behalf of the youth here...... I will post a...
  16. TempestOfTempo

    Training w/animals.......

    Many people are by now aware of Khabib Nurmagomadov unusual training of wrestling w/a bear as a child........ But are you aware of the fellows in China wrestling bulls? This seems like a dangerous, old-school way to develop the skills!
  17. TempestOfTempo

    The Catholic Question

    I think most of the regulars can recall when I first joined this site, it was basically to call out the Muslim posters here. I didn't intend on getting as involved as I have at VC and while its a sometimes fun, sometimes frustrating experience I have learned a lot and thats worth quite a bit...
  18. TempestOfTempo

    Childrens Crisis

    If there is one position posters here should be able to agree on, its that ALL children are innocent and should be protected as equals. No child is superior to another, no child inferior. Children are all equal and their innocence should be protected along with their basic needs being met. It...
  19. TempestOfTempo

    The Israel Question

    We have seen the same wash, rinse & repeat cycle on VC so many times. Those critical of Israeli policy/Zionist actions are labeled antisemitic and attacked. Any question of what actually occurred during the Jewish Holocaust of WW2 is met with accusations and personal slander. Topic threads...
  20. TempestOfTempo

    Media Bias - From The Left

    A lot of the media which gets called-out, debunked, discredited and downright decimated in these forums comes from sources many would deem "conservative".... if those sources are being honest, many of them would admit that the public perception of these outlets is not only correct, these...