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    Couldn't find a project bluebeam thread to pop this in so I'll drop it here. I'm only doing this because at the end NASA do manage to find and photograph the hand of God.... which is some feat....wasn't on the news or anything.
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    Intresting video, horrendous backing music examining the making of Call of Duty (Christchurch) really really slowly.
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    Mass shooting psychological op in NY

    Ooohh I'll be nabbing an old thread I could dig up with this one. Cheers.
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    Crazy Stuff--Insert Here

    I think you may find this forum does indeed have a bit of a bot issue. Just sayin
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    Some extremely interesting predictive programming included in George Michael's version from 1993. *warning, contains homo erogenous material and general smut*
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    Personally, I don't think even the second coming of Christ could stop the BoTS thread...

    Personally, I don't think even the second coming of Christ could stop the BoTS thread...... asteroids, aliens.....nothing.
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    Of course, it doesn't actually exist other than as an analogy. If you can imagine a stadium full...

    Of course, it doesn't actually exist other than as an analogy. If you can imagine a stadium full of people with just a single person standing up periodically throwing his arms in the air.... .....well that's how this forum looks to me most of the time. It used to he a lot better than...
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    Alex Jones Trial

    Well after what he said when dropping the mic with his Clinton's comment he'll be getting one of two things in the post. Either a subpeona or a letter bomb. ....them people have form you know.
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    Who do Muslims really worship?

    ...and off he goes...again. Not even close.
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    Who do Muslims really worship?

    Well can't you work that out with a quick de-code? this is.pretty basic stuff....your credibility is at stake here.. What could AS possible stand for,? Hmmmmm
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    Who do Muslims really worship? what point in the calculation do you apply the theory of reversology? .......And why just reverse some things but leave other things unreversed? I really can't even grasp a method in your madness here at all. I have asked you this before but are you on the AS?
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    Predictive programming in the music industry.

    Here's my favourite song from back then. I played it relentlessly after breaking up with an ex, like many millions more, tapping into our emotions. It's only on looking more closely at the video years later that I discover that the video was some type of ritual, in front of human skeletal...
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    Predictive programming in the music industry.

    Just looking back at the "New Wave" era which was running through the teenage years of my life something stands out now which didn't back then.m There was some fantastic music back then but the thing was that every icon we had at the time was either gay or bi. I'll list just a few... Elton...
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    (Puts kettle on.....opens kitkat) Good advice

    (Puts kettle on.....opens kitkat) Good advice
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    Who do Muslims really worship?

    (Throws pen, protractor, compass, calculator, telescope and all other learning tools to the floor in an exasperated manner) Look, your just going too fast with this stuff. I'm still trying to get past the above calculation from page 4....and I can't! I'm bowing out....can't do it...
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    Opinions on the Uk Commonwealth games opening ceremony

    Thanks for posting this. Brilliant. I never knew there were people out there who echoed my own inner monologue when watching these events, but I do now. The longer it went on the funnier it got. It's like listening to the commentary through "they live" earphones. And again we see the same...
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    Alex Jones Trial

    You would have thought that any self respecting gun manufacturer would have made an application for immunity against prosecution just in case one of their fabulous products ended up in the hands of some nutter. ....just like those clever vaccine people did?
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    Crazy Stuff--Insert Here

    He definitely had a touch of the Stanley Kubricks about him. He would have got away with it if it wasn't for that pesky chorizo maker with a keen eye! The "I done it for a joke" line being funnier than the joke itself.....irony.
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    Crazy Stuff--Insert Here Tut tut tut.....should have used salami
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    What are you listening to?

    Looking back now, taking into account the current agendas in play, I think men were contractually obligated to look like women. It softened up us old folk to accept children/grandchildren who thinks gender us an option.