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  1. free2018

    Demonic Power

    This is an example. There will be more of this to come with others:
  2. free2018

    Sri Lankan revolution a color revolution?

    Is Sri Lankan upheaval just the normal end results of a recession in Sri Lanka? Was it due to supply chain issues caused by the “pandemic”? Is it just a Sri Lankan problem? Why did the PM have to resign? The cabinet? The President? Was all of this just organic...
  3. free2018

    Manuel Obrador compares so called Jew to Hitler

    Obrador has been upsetting the Mexican Jewish community with recent comments about one gentleman, Mr. Alazraki. It’s an interesting controversy.
  4. free2018

    So they iced Abe-san

    They “retired” Abe. They are moving fast. Time is up…
  5. free2018

    Akron shooting is a deception

    This is another hoax. It’s got all the terrible Masonic numbers. Is the kid dead? That I can’t tell you. None of the accounts from another perspective of the story make any logical sense. It’s a deception completely.
  6. free2018

    Shooter as a troll

    They’re just trolling us now with new shooting. This is a hoax. What is a hoax? A deception. “Crimo” as in the best of the best. “ Crème de La crème “? Troll
  7. free2018

    Danish shooting at a mall

    This is just something that caught my eye. I have only read one article about it.
  8. free2018

    Mr. Cox gets his own Barbie

    Famous actor, Laverne Cox, has gotten his own doll named after him:
  9. free2018

    Pretty good sermon on poverty

    This is a decent sermon on poverty, using the fall of man as the centerpiece of his argument.
  10. free2018

    North Korea launches missiles today?

    The main theater looks like war theater, with a mix of more pandemic and shootings. It looks like South Korea is claiming NK fired missiles in "the sea". Strange days in the last of days...
  11. free2018

    Bieber gets vaccine complications?

    Did this come from the vaccine? Are more vaccine complications to come?
  12. free2018

    And just like that there was a hospital shooting

    The time is a bit suspicious.
  13. free2018

    Too much carbon?

    I think the carbon they want to eliminate is us . Here’s a mainstream video: Here’s the old school Bill Gates video on the topic— only an excerpt.
  14. free2018

    Car accidents are up?

    Car accidents have gotten worse in the last few years. What's behind it?
  15. free2018

    Mass shooting psychological op in NY

    It seems there was a shooting yesterday in Buffalo. It seems like it was completely orchestrated by a “lunatic”. That’s safer than calling him an MK Ultra candidate. On the surface, it’s open and shut. That said, the numbers seem like the same old variations. For example, 13 people were shot...
  16. free2018

    How Ezra Miller transitions

    So Ezra Miller from Fantastic Beasts is letting his demons get the best of him…
  17. free2018

    Kendrick is the Savior

    This is actually so far a decent piece of art. That said KL plays as usual with the “occult” in terms of his imagery. Savior is an interesting song.
  18. free2018

    “ Megan the ‘ Stallion’ “ a man?

    This is two years old, but the information is still good.
  19. free2018

    New certificate for your site

    VC, you may want to update your certificate for this site. Apple IOS for example flags the site as potential malware. Just a heads up you want. Free
  20. free2018

    God protecting children using animals

    I have noticed a few stories of God saving children or protecting them by using dogs or other animals. Here is one: