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    Meanwhile, In Austraya

    A Big Aussie Wake Up Call SHARE EVERYWHERE - Eastern Australia Is Being Destroyed By Floods, & 'Wellness" Camps Opened For Flood Victims...?
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    Covid-19 Vaccines Deaths & Side Effects

    Covid BC (Vax Reactions) Are you being pressured into taking a experimental vaccine in order to keep your job? Please watch our videos before making a decision. Vaccine injuries & deaths are not rare. ⚠️ Sensitive Content!
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    Press Freedom, Journalism, Mass Media, Social Media, Society & Politics

    utah arrested for his we the people shirt, i for sure would bring these cops up on charges 3:07
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    Covid-19 Vaccines Deaths & Side Effects

    Arooj Imtiaz- 28 Year Old Medical Student With Severe Adverse Reactions to Pfizer COVID Vaccine
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    Putin officially threatens Nuclear War

    Without linking to the WEF site, which can be verified by going there, she also appears to be a WEF Young Global Leader.
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    Putin officially threatens Nuclear War

    Here you can see what appears to be Spanish MSM using ARMA3 video game footage to report on Ukraine. Here is an article about it in Spanish language.
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    is COVID real?

    Are you serious? Forgive my ignorance. How did you find out? Did you take an Omicron variant test?
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    Vaccine pressure

    Pilot Speaks Out About COVID Shot Injury - Says Other Pilots Forced to Shut Up 2:08
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    Covid-19 Vaccines Deaths & Side Effects

    Another Pfizer Victim - Way Too Many Side Effects To Mention 6:59
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    Vaccine pressure

    Comedian, Heather McDonald, Collapses On Stage At Poignant Moment; Dr. Drew Interview 4:17
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    What do you think of the "Chemtrails" conspiracy theory?

    Russia: Chemtrails (26. January 2022) - Blocking the sun! 00:42 Helicopters low altitude.
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    Canadians Unite

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    Vaccine pressure

    Never mind all of the horrific side effects associated with this COVID shot. And lets not mention all the long term side effects. COVID-19 Vaccine Possible Adverse Side Effects as noted by FDA on October 22, 2020 3:47
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    Rallies, Protests, and General Street Action thread

    The Vintage Apron Capalaba Central 29 December 2021 21:53
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    Vaccine pressure

    Will rural communities survive the vax mandates? 100 Mile House health care workers speak out 25:30
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    Vaccine pressure

    In all fairness on Aug 24, 2021 the OP also clearly stated that the decision was made to not get the COVID vaccine and also clearly asked for any advice on how to handle it. The OP even went as far as thanking everyone and very much appreciated their response. Seems fair to determine that the...
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    Covid-19 Vaccines Deaths & Side Effects

    COVID Vaccine Injury - Excruciating Pain All Over Her Body - It Means It's Working! 00:59
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    The Word

    You're most certainly welcome. Thank you for the kind words friend.
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    Is the mark of the beast the coming corona vaccine ?

    can't buy or sell without it-The mark of the beast 1:35
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    Covid-19 Vaccines Deaths & Side Effects

    COVID Vaccine Injuries - Young Woman Suffers With Paralysis 1:17