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  1. Lizard King

    The Three Monkeys Philosophy Possibly Four

    One thing I have been wondering about is it possible to not think about evil ? And is thinking about evil or being preoccupied with evil somehow evil itself? I mean take Vigilant Citizen itself. Pretty close to everything on here has to do with evil. It is like infinite evil. There is so much...
  2. Lizard King

    Roe vs Wade Conspiracy?

    Why after 50 years is this becoming such a big issue? Why when our country and even the world is in such a precarious place with war in Ukraine, inflation, vaccine, gas prices, and everything else? I say it is because of the mid term elections. Black Lies Matter and antifa last election and...
  3. Lizard King

    September 11 2001 and Covid Vaccines

    It has been over twenty years since the Twin Towers hoax. It has been proven without a doubt that no plane hit the Pentagon. That no plane crashed in Shanksville. The Towers were destroyed by controlled demolition. WT7 same thing. The planes on TV were CGI especially the one where plane goes...
  4. Lizard King


    Was the so called "Beat Generation" the beginning of not only lgqbs pride conspiracy but the moral degeneration of Youth around the world? All of the leaders of whatever it was were homosexuals and drug addicts that the New York literary community turned into heroes and role models for young...
  5. Lizard King

    Would You Rather Be Cremated Or Put In A Casket?

    I no longer trust morticians. Who really knows what they might do with your body? What with organ harvesting and everything else. On the other hand being cremated reduces your body to a pile of ashes which somehow seems kind of sacrilegious. So the big question remains would you rather be...
  6. Lizard King

    Drone Delivery?

    I just read an article on Natural News about how Walmart is increasing their drone Delivery. I don't see how drone Delivery is even legal. Who wants a bunch of these things flying around in the air? At any time you could be hit by one. Plus they could freak out birds and other wild life. And...
  7. Lizard King


    This might sound far fetched or crazy but considering what is happening right now would have been called far fetched or crazy a few years ago I would say Mandatory Abortion could and probably will happen sooner or later. Covid vaccines started then they wanted them to be mandatory.
  8. Lizard King


    NINA JANKOWICZ SATANIC MINISTRY OF LIES AMERICA NOW SATANIC COUNTRY? We hear of Muslim Countries and Christian countries and Hindu countries etc. Is America the first Satanic country? Three witches right off the top of my head Gretchen Witmer, Kathy Hochul and Nina Jankowicz are particularly...
  9. Lizard King

    Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band Movie Starring The Bee Gees and Peter Frampton

    Has anyone seen this? One of the weirdest movies I have ever seen. I am somewhat speechless after watching it. Also any one seen The Wiz starring Michael Jackson? I watched both of these yesterday and haven't fully recovered from the experience.
  10. Lizard King

    Paraquat Nixon and Marijuana?

    Anyone remember when Nixon was the president and started the war on drugs? One of the things the government did was spray all the marijuana coming in from Mexico into California with paraquat. The other day I was watching the Depp trial and there was a commercial about a lawsuit concerning...
  11. Lizard King

    Who Can You Really Trust?

    By nature I have always been suspicious of everything. One thing in particular I am starting to get suspicious about is anyone telling me that somehow the elite, the Illuminati or freemasons or whatever the latest group of whoever is trying to screw me over and ruin my life has some kind of...
  12. Lizard King


    I watched the whole first day coverage of Depp vs Heard trial and I am thankful that I am not in Depp's shoes. Her legal team is so much better in my opinion. I think she is going to win and even if somehow he wins he loses. Her legal team opening statement pulverized Depp and multiple times...
  13. Lizard King

    Buses of Illegal Aliens Arrive in Washington DC

    In the first thing I have seen in the news that I liked and even laughed about in a long time is today I accidentally saw in the MSM that the governor of Texas has sent busloads of illegal aliens to Washington DC. I vaguely remember hearing about him threatening to do this but never thought it...
  14. Lizard King

    Lizard Kratom King

    I am sorry if this subject has been posted before. I would like anyone's thoughts and advice on the subject of Kratom. There are many different kinds and I thought maybe people on forum would like to share their experiences and recommendations. Thanks.
  15. Lizard King

    Neil Young Is Rock Music's Version Of Nancy Pelosi

    Neil Young was always kind of a self righteous hypocrite. But now with his call to censor Joe Rogan and Spotify he has become a DANGEROUS self righteous hypocrite. The sad thing about it is he doesn't even realize that now he has become an evil influence because he has an ego that is blinding...