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    Foodsaver FM3945 Vacuum Sealer Machine

    Why We Love The Foodsaver FM3945 Vacuum Sealer? The best solution for food preservation and storage problem is a vacuum sealer. It helps you store food items for a longer period than any other container. This way, you can see why many people worldwide use vacuum sealers. The best vacuum sealer...
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    Why do I like jazz and blues so much?

    This may stupid like “it’s because you like the genre” but even my favourite non blues or jazz song seems on par below relatively any blues or jazz? Is there like a science behind this? Would like to know.
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    First time dropping music in over a year and I'm shitting myself... help!

    Hey ya'll, I haven't dropped in a while and really believe in my new music so I wanna do it right. I hear a lot of advice but obviously things change year on year. What things must you absolutely always do when dropping a new song these days? Artists plz share your own experiences!