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    Black Oil/Black Liquid/Black Milk

    I'm planning to make a video compilation of pop culture references to this mysterious black substance. I'm aware of its use in X-Files, Spiderman and Resident Evil among others. I'm looking for more examples, but Google isn't giving me many good results. If you know any, please contribute them...
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    Radiohead is releasing a joint anniversary edition of Kid A and Amnesiac along with a new track, "If You Say the Word." In the original Kid A album artwork, there were two towering structures on fire partially obscured by white mountains. In the new "Kid A Mnesia" artwork, the horizon above...
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    Batman and the Fear State

    It seems in the Batman comics universe, events mirror reality. In the latest issue, the villain is a scarecrow heralding the soon approaching "Fear State". Considering Batman's subtle occult hints planted around major U.S. events, (Aurora shooting, Sandy Hook shooting, Nashville bombing, etc.)...
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    Jeff Buckley: Accident or Not?

    Columbia Records-signed singer Jeff Buckley died from drowning during a swim in the Wolf River Harbor in Memphis, Tennessee after a tugboat allegedly cruised past him, creating an undertow and sucking him down. Jeff Buckley's music contained several lyrics about his death or death in general...
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    Items Being Removed from White House

    Are they moving precious relics because they know something will happen to the White House?
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    Adventures of Little Baron Trump (Urgent Read)
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    Donald Trump and Arnold Schwarzenegger's Role Reversal

    Arnold Schwarzenegger in the past was one of politics' biggest names as governor of California and would've seemed more likely to become president. He stepped down from politics and in 2017, he took Donald Trump's role as host of 'The Apprentice'. Donald Trump in the past was one of reality...
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    Sun Symbolism

    There has been a sudden surge in sun symbolism this year. Is it connected? And if so, what will it amount to? "Sunburst" malware puts government on it's toes. A virus named after the sun puts the world to a halt. Leann Rimes dresses in a Sun mask and costume and wins hit TV show "The...
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    Sinister Sites

    Generator Hostel in Washington DC This youth hostel is full of devilish decor including portraits of former U.S. presidents in which they are being fondled by a faceless person and have their eyes painted over by an all-seeing eye of Horus. Post more sinister sites here.
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    Sudan Archives - Confessions/Black Vivaldi Sonata

    One of my favorite new artists. She's got a little something going on it seems by this music video. ... Video starts off with the song "Confessions". In a house being inverted, she sings about how she fell. Lyrics: I fell down And started Back up then seal the feeling I'm too unique to...
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    Resident Evil

    How conspicuous that this film/videogame franchise which is full of Coronavirus-related predictive programming is rebooting the film series in 2021 in the midst of all the fear. It's being directed by Johannes Roberts and released by Sony Pictures. It will be one to keep an eye on...
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    Arabian Peninsula Shaped Like Jesus?

    I wish I could find the video, but many years ago I watched a presentation by a Christian ministry and the topic was recognizable images in the Earth's continents. The most interesting case this guy made was that the Arabian Peninsula is shaped like a king kneeling in prayer. Jesus? •Turkey is...
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    Smashing Pumpkins - 'Anno Satana'

    Looks like Bohemian Grove.
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    The "Asteroid" Anticipation Thread

    Because we know it's coming. Post all asteroid-related predictive programming and news here.
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    Megan Thee Stallion - Don't Stop

    Definitely a secret language being spoken here...
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    Paris Hilton

    Upcoming documentary about alleged abuse at the boarding school she attended in Utah coming to her YouTube channel on September 14th.
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    Songs About Entering Their Contracts

    It seems that many artists have a song or two in particular that sing about their choice to join the dark side. Here are some songs/videos that I've noticed contain lyrics and imagery suggesting of choosing the dark side in their struggle of good and evil. If anybody notices any other works that...
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    Best Free Alternative E-mail Providers?

    Very annoyed by the massive amount of dishonest and one-sided propaganda news articles coming from Yahoo, so I'd like to change email providers. Any suggestions?
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    'Level of Concern'

    This new song by Twenty One Pilots tries to make quarantine sound cute and sexy with it's lyric: "Would you be my little quarantine?" The song has a catchy rhythm, but it's low-key propaganda in the lyrics is very annoying. PS. This is the same group that sang "All my friends are heathens. Take...
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    Similarities Between The Simpsons Movie and Covid Pandemic

    Knowing how Matt Groening likes to foretell the future in his cartoons, let's try to find and list the similarities between the 2007 'The Simpsons Movie' and the 2020 Covid Pandemic. I'll start... -The Elite's priority for environmental protection over people. Shaming Springfield for being so...