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  1. Yellowbunzz tasty

    Helping Mkultra Victims

    So I've noticed that although there is a handful of channels and websites which expose mkultra, the NWO, Illuminati, Freemasonry, Scientology and etc. They have perhaps helped many people realize the evils of the industry and evils of the government however has it helped the victims of these...
  2. Yellowbunzz tasty

    Exposing Mark Phillips

    I believe Cathy O'Brian story, however I don't believe she is free. 1.)Having been watching one of Cathy O'Brians videos previously, I stumbled upon one where she was speaking to the interviewer and told the interviewer that there were other victims who spoke to her and agreed, to which the...
  3. Yellowbunzz tasty

    Loss of faith, and perception of reality.

    I've found myself in a rough predicament lately in terms of faith, especially after reading the thread posted by @seekinheart.(it just sparked what was already there). So I struggled with a particular addiction before and after being saved, I even ventured on to feed that addiction the morning...
  4. Yellowbunzz tasty

    Where is KAT WILLIAMS

    I recently remembered that Kat Williams was one of those individuals who exposed me to the whole situation with the illuminati. Thus I decided to research a bit about it only to find he isn't spoken about much and seems to have been worn out. I say this since I feel as though he has been...
  5. Yellowbunzz tasty

    Prophesy fulfilled,Biden is now the US president

    William Branham, a vindicated prophet of whom God sent in 1906 started a ministry to bring back the lost Pentecostal revival, a man sent as the seventh church messenger Despite his mortal death and transfer into a heavenly body, the prophesies he has made have all come to pass. All the visions...
  6. Yellowbunzz tasty

    Exposing the Catholic Church

    Here is a testimony of an Ex-NUN who escaped the disgusting Catholic system. I thought to create a separate thread for those who have other videos to expose the Catholic Church. This is extremely important since millions of peoples souls are at risk here.
  7. Yellowbunzz tasty

    William Branham

    This thread is here specifically to spread the message of the hour. For those of you who don't know, brother Branham was the prophet sent for the age we live in currently. He has had countless prophetic visions from the Lord Jesus Christ himself which came to pass. What makes the message...
  8. Yellowbunzz tasty

    Out Of The Shadows

    Remember the documentary hosted by Vigilant Citizen at the bottom of this website. The famous video tht everyone has been raving about as it exposed the entertainment industry. Guess what? The channel and the videos are gone. Anyone who knows any further details bout it please start a...
  9. Yellowbunzz tasty

    Is it immoral to date/marry a cousin in law

    I was speaking to a dear friend of mine when she suddenly mentioned how her older brother was marrying her sister in law. The interesting part was when she mentioned that the cousin was hitting on her and that she might want to pursue a relationship with him. My first assumption was that...
  10. Yellowbunzz tasty


    This thread is made for sharing detailed videos about the music industry. Kpop industry, Hollywood, Bollywood, Nollywood and Mzansi. The videos that are to be shared must be above 10 minutes no less but more. Important: 1.)Videos shouldn't include only symbols, they must be detailed with...
  11. Yellowbunzz tasty

    Black people in the Bible

    I feel as though many black people are recently being influenced that the bible was brought to everyone by white people specifically. This has caused a huge ruckus in the black christian community especially when it comes to young adults who believe that we as black people have been brainwashed...