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  1. figure of authority

    1987 interview with Christopher Reeve

    Starting at 2:16 Christopher flashes the devil horns a lot:
  2. figure of authority

    How many of my brothers out there are:

    Resisting this vaccine deal, I don`t want it at all.
  3. figure of authority

    Celebrities who claim to be christian:

    Do you think the celebrities who claim to be christian that are in Hollywood or the south korea entertainment business are really christian? or is it just for show?
  4. figure of authority

    one eye symbol in cd cover:

    Never ends with these sell outs:
  5. figure of authority

    The cross in k-drama:

    Saw this on the k-drama called marriage not dating episode 13, the shirt the guy was wearing had a cross on it and says lies more lies in english, either the koreans don`t know english or they are flashing what they think of christianity, evil everywhere:
  6. figure of authority

    Rise of Entertainment everywhere:

    As one who grew up in the 70s and 80s I remember that there was only vhf and uhf channels on tv, in the early 80s cable channels like HBO , Selectv and ON tv starting appearing, but fast forward to the 2000s and we got netflix, many movies in the theaters not like before in the 20th century...
  7. figure of authority

    Alfred Hitchcock:

    Another one showing his allegiance:
  8. figure of authority

    More Korean sell outs:

    Never ends, k-pop called Astro with actress Kim Sae Ron:
  9. figure of authority

    Illuminati marriage circles:

    Anybody notice that in Hollywood the actors/actresses marry only in their circle? same with south Korea show business , and if they marry out of the circle it`s to a rich person only, the poor people are out, wonder if the illuminati pick the one they have to marry in the entertainment business?
  10. figure of authority

    little rascals and the illuminati:

    The never ending one eye:
  11. figure of authority

    K-drama stars also are sell-outs:

    I thought Korean entertainment was free of those symbols but I was wrong. these photos are of actress Kim Sae Ron who appeared on movies and k-dramas, the photos speak for themselves: