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  1. voj

    Zombie Apocalypse In London

    Today while surfing the net i found this video about a guy saying there will be a real zombie apocalypse in london. Also, In my previous post relating to this thread i shared about alexa saying there will be a zombie apocalypse.
  2. voj

    Netflix Animated New Series - Inside Job

    This netflix animated series is filled with so much information about the perception of reality and the evil rulers, we need to do evil to the evil doers.
  3. voj

    Be Water Documentary By Bruce Lee

    Anyone with the complete original 2020 documentary of Be Water By Bruce Lee.
  4. voj

    What Is The Begining And The End Of The End Game

    Primary Questions: - What Is The Essence Of Having SENSE When It Doesnt Make Sense. - In the Begining, What Was Before God In The Void Of Darkness. Also, Where Did He Get His Knowledge And Consciousness?. - What Is It God Wants? I Mean Its Fixed Point Of All This Commotion. - Where And What...
  5. voj

    There Will Be A Zombie Apocalypse

  6. voj

    Warning From The Last Bloodline Of Jesus Christ

    I Found This In A Youtube Channel, He Was Warning People About What Is Going On And What Will Happen. The following is happening in our World and no one is noticing. 1. - Armageddon is about 4 action events. 1st horse, Bow = Send it. 2nd horse, Sword = Strike it. 3rd horse, Scales =...
  7. voj

    A Christian Singer - Jon Steingard Says He No Longer Believe In God.

    I Recently Stumbled On A Webpage And Found A Last Year Post Of A Christian Singer Saying - He No Longer Believes In God, Below Is A Clear Description Of What He Said.
  8. voj

    Watch Short Video - Alexa! When Will The World End?

    I Found This Random Video. Watch! Including This. . . And this. . .
  9. voj

    None Of This Make Any Sense

    None of this make any sense from the beginning. Why would the elites choose to do evil for the devil and push the end times into time. It makes no sense. I think God is the beginning and ending of evil, what is the essence of creation? Why regret creating humans if you did not like them? And...
  10. voj

    Gray State: The Rise

    Good day guy, am really in need of the original - Gray State: The Rise Movie By Late David Crowley. He was killed after making the movie. If anyone have the original movie to share or where i can download it i will be glad.