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  1. sailormoon

    People don’t want the Covid vaccine!

    Can I just say how freaking awesome it is that people aren’t all sheeps? News are bragging that 287 million vaccines have been administered in the us. So remember most vaccines that have been given out are in two doses, so let’s say 130,000 of those are the same person. US pop is roughly 325...
  2. sailormoon

    Camp Rock Trauma

    Hey guys so I came upon this video the other night and found it quite interesting and figured I’d share. It is from an interview with Alyson Stoner from Disney. I always wondered where she went. But now so much makes sense and I feel so sorry for child stars! She was literally pimped out by her...
  3. sailormoon

    The Social Dilemma on Netflix

    Anyone else watch this? I wasn’t going to, in fact I don’t even have Netflix anymore, but my whole family was hyping it up so I figured I’d check it out (on my moms account lol). I really liked the first half of the doc, it was super eye opening for me. I am not a tech savvy person so I was...
  4. sailormoon

    Creepy kids show “Talking Tom and Friends”

    My mom was watching my 2 year old and just turned on a show for noise. Luckily they were playing in the back room when this show came on and only I saw it. I mean a kids show, wtf. The plot is essentially that the answering machine robot goes evil bc the cats say they can’t be his friend, he is...
  5. sailormoon

    Taylor Swift/Justin Bieber tumblr blog about Scooter Braun

    Did anyone else see this thread by Taylor? Credit to user Machiavelli for sending it to me. “For years I asked, pleaded for a chance to own my work. Instead I was given an opportunity to sign back up to Big Machine Records and ‘earn’ one album back at a time...
  6. sailormoon


    Anyone else watching Legion? It reminds me a lot of Stranger Things. The doctors name is even Dennis Kissinger. Would love to discuss with anyone who is watching
  7. sailormoon

    Catholic Church has paid over $4 billion dollars in lawsuits to cover up child molestation charges

    Yeah, that’s billion, with a B. I like the wording of this article because it acknowledges that there is an elite class. So I wonder do Catholics care to know where their donations go? Meanwhile millions are donated to rebuild the church that was so symbolically burned down. Child molestation...
  8. sailormoon

    Tyra Banks, ANTM, and “Modelland”

    Tyra Banks, ANTM, and Modelland Tyra Banks: Tyra Banks is a supermodel who has made a name for herself via her many business ventures, including her launch of the hit show America’s Next Top Model. Tyra was discovered as a teenager after her mother took several photos of her for her portfolio...
  9. sailormoon

    Has Justin Beiber just given up?

    I don’t know what to make of his new appearance. I don’t really keep up with him in the news or on social media but I was at a movie the other night and they were playing music videos before the movie started. It was a music video with him and DJ Khaled and he looked like (not PC I apologize)...