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    TWICE appreciation thread

  2. Twice&I

    Blasphemy in music

    This is about the new Eminem/Dr Dre song called Gospel. Just for their fans who may not know the definition of the word here it is. Anything contrary is blasphemy.
  3. Twice&I

    A Society Playing Victim

    This thought sparked my mind as to seeing young people in their twenties offended about American Slavery. Which no living person experienced or had anything to do with. Yet soft little snowflakes love to feel entitled to reparations for something they never experienced first hand. It’s like the...
  4. Twice&I

    Like Solomon said 3000 years ago life is vanity.

    My entire existence is pointless. There is no hope or value in me. I’m not profitable to the Kingdom Of God and all my earthly desires are either sinful or vain. Therefore since I’m am already worthy of hell since the wages of sin is death. Also my worldly lust are vain and will wither like the...
  5. Twice&I

    Spirit of Whoredom in Music/ Hip Hop Is Evil

    We live in a world that glorifies and idolizes women like Kim Kardashian. After her sextape she became like royalty by the media like TMZ. Thus shaping the youth through devices like social media to want to be famous for vain and perverse things. Also the music is literal porn and no one even...
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    LGBT Hypocrisy

    How is is that people are okay with listening to music talk about drugs, killing people, adultery and videos being pornographic yet try to cancel people like Dababy for being “homophobic.”