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  1. JoChris

    Fellow gardeners- please tell us what you are growing in your garden

    This is in response to Polymoog's entry in random thoughts section: If I had an acre+ I definitely would have liked all the trees you have suggested. Any reader in a tropical/ subtropical should try your suggestions for sure - are you professionally involved in gardening? If not it sounds like...
  2. JoChris

    Was Hollywood ever a Christian Institution?

    I have started this thread in response to an interesting claim from one of the Muslim regulars here: I said this: Aspiring Soul: As an example, since VC blog is focused on entertainment industry's dark side and secrets: I want to see serious evidence - from anyone, whether Christian...
  3. JoChris

    Youtube: Former homosexuals and children of LGBTs speak the truth

    It takes courage to speak out in today's miltant pro-gay society. I admire all the speakers. Edit: I decided to look for Moira Greyland's story. Warning - triggering for child s*xual ab*se survivors.
  4. JoChris

    One sentence piece of advice you would give your younger self

    This thread is meant to be half-serious (at most) OK? Think of a message you would tell your younger self to do/ not do: E.g. "don't get that 80s perm hairstyle - you'll cringe at the memory of it!"
  5. JoChris

    Baptist church exposed as "inclusive" - are all churches going society's path?

    This was on my suggested list. Youtube must be tracking cookies too (previous secular thread)?!! Dated 1 July 2018. I couldn't believe it. Surely it had to be another denomination than my own narrowminded, judgemental, bible-bashing one that even Christians like mocking ..... Nope. Here is...
  6. JoChris

    Sermon series on the (Christian) Holy Spirit

    I always found John McArthur's sermons very in depth. 1st of 4 so far. Following sermons also available. The sermon series refers to the Holy Spirit, Third person in the Trinity and the changes that occur in a Christian as a result of faith in JESUS Christ (no other religion) as described in...
  7. JoChris

    New YouTube series: Islamicize me

    I am surprised not to see any mention of this series. It has caused controversy amongst Christian apologists. IMO old school versus internet generation. Polite debate versus South Park style material. Summary: scenario is that 3 young Christian men decide to take up the challenge to follow...
  8. JoChris

    Testimonies of forgiveness

    Introduction: Fellow Christians, for year 2018 I thought this would be a good New Years Resolution, even if a few weeks late. Better late than never. Even atheists acknowledge how important it is to forgive for our own mental health and overall wellbeing. Q: Why should Christians forgive? A...
  9. JoChris

    Diabulimia documentary

    What happens when a person with Type 1 diabetes (needing insulin injections to stay alive) gets an eating disorder. Anyone who knows someone with Diabetes type 1 who is starting to lose weight suddenly please look for signs of eating disorders as well, then do what you can to make them seek...
  10. JoChris

    News Article: Fatwa Against Haircut, Eyebrow Trim For Women Overall question to Muslims: is this fatwa for all Muslim women? Muslim women : How do you decide whether this is applicable for you? Are there any consequences for you if you personally decide...
  11. JoChris

    London Train Attack Yesterday

    Here's the latest BBC update. How are all the British readers coping with the latest event? Are you all OK?
  12. JoChris

    Alex Jones: "sources Tell Me Trump Is Being Covertly Drugged....

    Interesting theory. Americans - what are your opinions?
  13. JoChris

    Chinese Government's Influence On Foreign Universities

    The massive amount of Chinese students in Australia are starting to have an adverse affect on freedom of speech.
  14. JoChris

    Share Pet Stories And/ Or Photos

    I have two male desexed whippets; one black and white, the other grey and white. We got Skoot first. He has a lovely temperament. His Dad actually was trained to visit sick kids in hospitals and homes. Toby we got a year later. His family were bred for hunting. Talk about the opposite...
  15. JoChris

    Answering Zeitgeist The Movie

    For people who've got a couple of hours to spare, here's a team of Christian apologists showing how bizaare the Zeitgeist movie's claims are:
  16. JoChris

    What To Do When Family/ Friends Etc Believes Opposite Gay Marriage Position?

    I am interested in all people's issues and experiences in this matter. My social worker sister is constantly posting on pro-gay marriage/sex change on Facebook. My other sister has started to spread the same propaganda since she found out her son is gay. My brother has started as well. It has...
  17. JoChris

    Trump Threats To North Korea What do people think? Is it two oversized male egos talking tough, or are the two leaders genuine in their threats?
  18. JoChris

    News Article: Spirituality (assumed) Safeguard Against Immoral Acts Interesting that according to the survey many atheists think fellow ATHEISTS are more likely to display immoral behaviours than religious people (of any faith). I think it is a logical step...
  19. JoChris

    Seasonal Affective Disorder

    Here it is Winter in the Southern Hemisphere. It has struck again for me. I don't get it as badly as when I lived much further south but I have got the "blah" feeling badly. What do fellow SADers do when winter hits to lift your mood/s?
  20. JoChris

    Pizzagate Conspiracy Theorist Sentenced Cautionary tale for people who want to act on personal hunches or theories without serious evidence. But 4 YEARS?!!! That is an extremely tough sentence.