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  1. mynameisneo

    Symbolism in films and TV

    The first sketch in the first episode of W/ Bob & David (which I very much recommend) had one of the characters wearing a record label T shirt which had an inverted pentagram in the logo: Some DVD cases: Here's some more Hannibal related pics:
  2. mynameisneo

    Symbolism in adverts: Superdrug

    For those who don't know, Superdrug is a chain of phamacists (drugstores) in the UK. I had a note written down that there was some one eye stuff in an advert I saw. Went on the internet for a better quality version, didn't find it, but it was a fruitful search! A lot of the adverts have a big...
  3. mynameisneo

    Symbolism in adverts: Toyota

    I took this picture from a Toyota advert that I saw on the TV: I was hoping for a better quality version on the internet. Instead I found a load of promotional videos for the Aygo. Toyota are using drag queens in order to sell this particular model to LGBT type people. This pic is from the...
  4. mynameisneo

    Symbolism in adverts: Colgate toothpaste

    I had a note that I'd seen a Colgate advert with a consistent one eye in it and went looking for it on the internet. I don't think I found the same advert but this one is similar in that the one eye is because of the woman's hair cut: You can see it here: And another advert with the same...
  5. mynameisneo

    I very much recommend watching this film.

    When I think of films that I have owned on VHS, DVD, and Blu-Ray, this is one of probably about four films, and the only one of those four that I actually feel worth recommending these days.
  6. mynameisneo

    Symbolism in adverts: Mazda

    The car manufacturer Mazda appears to be very keen on one eye symbolism. These four pictures are from three separate adverts... Here's two pictures from the same advert. Near the start, this eye appears: Then there's another shot of something else, then one eye appears again: Here's...
  7. mynameisneo

    Symbolism in My Little Pony

    I supoose this should be in the Entertainment Industry forum but I want to keep all these "symbolism in..." threads in the same subforum. Any mod who wants to move it is welcome, though. I'll start with this picture that I found on the internet once: Now, I was watching an episode called...
  8. mynameisneo

    Anthony McPartlin stitched up by the Illuminati

    For those who are not aware, in the UK there's two guys called Ant and Dec who have been the kings of prime time entertainment on the TV station ITV for many years now. They originally played the characters of PJ and Duncan on children's BBC TV show Byker Grove before releasing some music, first...
  9. mynameisneo

    Symbolism in beauty/fashion

    Kind of a crossover with clothing here I guess, but I'm just putting all this stuff here. Look at all these hair dyes. Yep, I know, it's fashionable these days to have hair over one eye (and there's a lot of pics of this here!), but these are big beauty companies and this isn't by accident...
  10. mynameisneo

    Symbolism in clothing

    I saw somebody wearing a jacket with some sort of eye in pyramid type thing on the shoulders. I couldn't find it on the internet but I found all this:
  11. mynameisneo

    Symbolism in book covers

    I'll start this off with the cover of A Kiss Before Dying, from the Symbolism Everywhere thread: Here's some more:
  12. mynameisneo

    Day Break

    I'd just like to recommend this fantastic and uplifting show. Apparently you can watch it on Netflix now. I've seen it all the way through three times now. The trailer does not do it justice:
  13. mynameisneo

    GODcoin - "here to unite the world under a single currency" - more Illuminati dross

    I don't know if anybody else has mentioned this, and I thought it might be a joke or something at first, but check this out: It mentions a crypocurrency called GODcoin which is supposed to be the "official...
  14. mynameisneo

    Why we are in this mess, and how to get out of it

    Right, I may as well talk about my understanding about the nature of reality. This is the closest you're going to get to the truth, whether you think what I'm going to say is a load of nonsense or not. A couple of years ago, I actually ended up seeing through the matrix for six days. The full...
  15. mynameisneo

    Symbolism everywhere

    It does get a bit tedious trying to categorise hundreds of photos, in the end I ended up with these all together in a folder, so here you go: I saw this and was interested because it looked...
  16. mynameisneo

    Symbolism in kid's stuff

    A lot of these could fit into the other categories I've made and will make, but anyway.... This is from a children's game called Dobble. The creator is a company called Asmodée. Why would a creator of children's toys name themselves after a demon of the Goetia...
  17. mynameisneo

    Symbolism in gaming

    My son sent me this picture of Mario tragically winking, which I don't recall him doing in all the years that I grew up playing Mario games: And that's it! I made a new thread for the Sandbox Colouring game so this is on it's own. Got a couple more pics I'll add to the thread later, though...
  18. mynameisneo

    Symbolism in the app "Sandbox Colouring"

    I get a lot of my pictures from family members shouting at me that there's one eye on the TV or somewhere, here is a big dump of one eye pictures from an app on the iPad that my eldest son plays on. For the sake of completion, I took a picture of every instance of one eye that I could find, even...