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    COVID vaccine

    Well, I know in my country (UK), the flu vaccine's been offered for years and years but mainly to two groups - the elderly and NHS workers. The other vaccines are a series that people have as children. If the danger came from them, in the first case, people would wise up; in the second case, it...
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    Occult Books for Beginners

    Knew it wouldn't take long for these two shills to weigh in on the matter... although not from a "deeper study of symbology and themes point of view" since they stand against everything VC believes in... Anyway, Brunorht, a quick search of what people have messaged you yields this: - The Wiki...
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    Love and compassion

    "... that you must believe in Jesus to be saved." This does not mean believe He exists, because why would a man stand in front of his contemporaries and say, essentially, "if you believe I exist, you will have eternal life."? He means believe in His teachings.
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    Symbolism in E-liquids

    I saw this article the other day: Older news than I thought, though...
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    The Donald- Is he, or Isn't he?

    Hmm.. what you're saying does make sense. Nobody's going to get in unless they are one of them... wasn't JFK the exception to the rule, so they did him in in the "killing of the king" ritual? He was the only Catholic president too, I seem to remember, though i could be wrong.
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    A longer account of my seeing through the matrix, and what I believe it actually means

    @DesertRose - Thank you for your very gracious acceptance of my apology.
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    Cartoon Network Hits New Low With Blasphemous 'Black Jesus'

    As I just dropped back onto this site to write my new post on the longer matrix thread, I just want to facetiously say that I always thought that Schoolly D was Black Jesus...
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    What are you listening to?

    I love you all. Will write more one day but I'm liking the vibe. I've been a prick and made a lot of mistakes but I'm getting better as always. You all just wait until I give you the next part of the story..... I just go from strength to strength...
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    What are you listening to?

  11. mynameisneo

    What are you listening to?

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    What are you listening to?

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    What are you listening to?

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    Symbolism in gaming

    I didn't respond to this part. I always used to love things relating to time loops. To paraphrase the great Mitch Hedberg, I still do, but I used to, too. I've always loved the idea of being able to repeat a certain time frame over and over until I got it right... you are right when you say it...
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    Symbolism in gaming

    @Aero the actual point of that post was to talk about how when I tried to introduce my son to gaming, he didn't have the dexterity to play platformers.... so I introduced him to the Wii version of Sam and Max. I personally loved the fact that you could be in a film studio, trying to disguise a...
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    Symbolism in gaming

    Doesn't that just go to show how two people can both totally misunderstand each other? I played a lot of games when I was younger, just like I watched a lot of TV. Now, I can go on the internet and trick myself into thinking that I am being more productive. Right now, I think I am being but...
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    Symbolism in gaming

    I want to know what you think the symbolism of Bioshock is. Only because I see your avatar and you must have a reason for it being that. I played it around a friend's house years ago but never got in depth in it.