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  1. Undertaker

    Trump's not going well

    You can see the l's in well have different lengths, that's because one of them is a capital i. Copy-paste the word yourself in the google search bar if you don't believe me. Related...
  2. Undertaker

    Trump's announcement spammed with disturbing images and curses google-translated in Amharic -
  3. Undertaker

    False flag incoming A CIA creation, came out of nowhere. They'll stage a mass shooting against protesters, you can imagine what will happen afterwards. "Washington, DC, Mayor...
  4. Undertaker

    Attack on the Internet

    What I mean is that info won't reach them, they won't be able to find forums like VC since google search manipulates results, they'll depend on mainstream news sources.
  5. Undertaker

    Attack on the Internet

    Because the general population is there and they'd be left in the dark. If there's a false flag, info won't be able to circulate.
  6. Undertaker

    Attack on the Internet

    They'd have to allow me to post thousands of gay porn videos if I wanted to, twitter would have to allow me to reply to Trump's tweets with gay porn videos, facebook would have to allow me to reply to people's posts with gay porn videos. They obviously can't take the no moderation approach.
  7. Undertaker

    Attack on the Internet

    A gamechanging event may be in works, something several times worse than 9/11, and they're preparing to suppress information while people are distracted. "The revocation of a provision in a 1996...
  8. Undertaker

    Coronavirus symbolism Crown Castle International Corp. (NYSE:CCI) shares have been having a great run in 2019, advancing 34.3% year-to-date and 16% since the company reported its second-quarter results in mid-July...
  9. Undertaker

    Coronavirus symbolism A document published by the Rockefeller foundation in 2010 titled "Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development" presents "hypothetical" scenarios that could arise in the near future, and just happens to lay out the COVID scenario to the letter...
  10. Undertaker

    Coronavirus symbolism Publication Number WO/2020/060606 666 Applicants MICROSOFT TECHNOLOGY LICENSING, LLC [US/US]; One Microsoft Way Redmond, Washington 98052-6399, US
  11. Undertaker

    Coronavirus symbolism

    I think it's to provide the infrastructure for mass-surveillance and automation, namely smart cities and internet of things. Chip scanners will be everywhere, prohibiting entry in many places without one. They'll sell this restriction under the guise of coronavirus prevention, with chips...
  12. Undertaker

    Coronavirus symbolism

    now this is some trippy stuff, 5G tower and coronavirus representation on the new 20 pound note "Low energy, low frequency microwaves enhance the growth of microorganisms"
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    Coronavirus symbolism 29821 tttagtagtg ctatccccat gtgattttaa tagcttctta ggagaatgac aaaaaaaaaa 29881 aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaa Ends in 33 a's. 201=2+0+1=3 "The scenario ends at the 18-month point, with...
  14. Undertaker

    Unconventional weapons used against Iran

    Do you think it's a coincidence? "AN EARTHQUAKE has struck near the Bushehr nuclear power plant on a crucial day for Iran which has seen tensions in the Middle...
  15. Undertaker

    5yo autistic boy becomes registered sex offender A five-year-old boy with autism was reportedly put on a record as a sex offender after hugging his classmate. Nursery school pupil Nathan was reported for hugging the child and his parents warned he would be placed on a...
  16. Undertaker

    Why do digging intelligent people like us care more about a 16-year old swedish girl than the meat eating thing?

    I don't think they're actually trying to convince people to eat human meat, it's more likely a strategy to implement a new normal. By pushing something extreme they can make lesser extremes look mild in comparison, getting people to think "That's going too far, we should stop at eating bugs...
  17. Undertaker

    Vegan agenda

    Very interesting. It's pretty clear that they know full well about it and they're pushing the vegan agenda solely for population control, to reduce the world's population to a 9 digit number. "The 77-year-old, whose...
  18. Undertaker

    Vegan agenda

    Soil depletion is also a very serious issue that they don't want to talk about. "It would be overkill to say that the carrot you eat today has very little nutrition in it—especially compared to some of the other less...
  19. Undertaker

    Vegan agenda

    That may be another aspect. In response to malnourishment, that part of our brains may bring forth aggression so we attack someone and steal his food and turf. And this is how you get a horde of zombies, with their aggression directed wherever the puppetmasters want. Question is why was she...