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  1. kerrichinchilla

    American horror story: double feature and Hollywoods obsession with blood

    Has anyone seen the new season of American Horror story. ITs called double feature. Basically one half is vampireish people the second aliens. The first two episodes have been released and I decided to watch them. Spoilers from here . . . . . . . . . Well what can I say. The story revolves...
  2. kerrichinchilla

    Falcon and winter soldier built back better

    just watching the new marvel tv show and spotted this poster, they seem to keep popping up and well they remind me of build back better. More foreshadowing or something else? This poster seems to keep popping up
  3. kerrichinchilla

    22 mummies moved in cairo. Ceremony seems off

    Just reading about the parade of mummies in cairo. i love Egyptian history and thought id have a look but the imagery seems off, plus many are blaming this on the few tragedies and issues in Egypt recently. What do others think...
  4. kerrichinchilla

    *warning if you like animals* video of rapper Azealia banks digging up dead cat and boiling it to reanimate it

    A rapper called Azealia Banks has filmed herself digging up her dead cat and boiling its body in an attempt to reanimate it. the cats name lucifer. the video was later deleted. but it is on the link below, so warning to anyone who clicks on it and is an animal lover. is it me or are these...
  5. kerrichinchilla

    BBC pushing anti conspiracy theories/think for yourself

    In the 90s they just mocked anyone who did not follow the official story, same in the 2000s, but ive noticed a different method happening lately, the dangerous conspiracy theorist. First they ignored David Icke, love him or hate him, he was either ignored or ridiculed, but now ive seen articles...
  6. kerrichinchilla


    I dont know if anyone else watched the show but the season final was this year. What got me is how god in the first 5 seasons was a hapless little guy, later reviewed in the seaosn 5 final, later seasons though, god becomes evil, culminating in the final season, where dean and sam the...
  7. kerrichinchilla

    utah random metal month found

    this is weird not sure if anyone's seen it. reminds me of stanley kubrick's 2001 space odyssey
  8. kerrichinchilla

    VMA 2020

    less obvious this year but still cant stop the symbols j lo in complete darkness except for her face which is lit up by a cross justin Bieber had a set with mirrors megan fox has the thousand yard, dead eye stare billie elish wearing shorts with 'i see dead people' written on them, not...
  9. kerrichinchilla

    666 missing families?!

    Thats a very exact number of families to be missing and a very interesting number at that
  10. kerrichinchilla


    After reading vigilants post about utopia, curiousity got the better of me so I decided to watch it, well I say watch it, I attempted to watch it. Has any one else tried this series. I managed to the second episode and had to switch it off. I'm not someone who is easily made to feel...
  11. kerrichinchilla

    Another cathedral burns in france

    Anyone who knows me, knows im not religious by any stretch but even im starting to question why so many churches and cathedrals are burning in France, now one in Nantes is burning. Nantes cathedral on fire seems like France is having a spat of churches burning as of late.
  12. kerrichinchilla

    youtube influencers/channels obsessed with trans

    Anyone else notice youtubers are being obsessed with or are becoming trans. I used to watch a few youtubers casually and they were all straight men, but this year every single one is now trans, non binary or obsessed with trans. one channel i watched was hugo and jake, now hanna and jake, their...
  13. kerrichinchilla

    What does the UK have planned

    So the UK has been told to practice for terror attacks, one place to practice is in schools, the same schools that Boris Johnson recently said he would forced parents to send them back to. The Westminster terror attack, Manchester bombing and 7/7 all had practice a week before the event. Also...
  14. kerrichinchilla

    anonymous have apparently got hold of documents proving trump worked with Epstein in a sex traffic ring

    dont know if its true but interesting when you consider the climate.
  15. kerrichinchilla

    woman with 2,500 personalities

    this video came up on my recommendations on youtube, im bored so watched it. For those who havent got time to watch it, its basically a woman with split personality, she created a bunch of split personalities because her father sexually abused her, she was so badly abused it has caused many...
  16. kerrichinchilla

    UK police now thought police

    it appears the police arent hiding there true intentions in the UK, not only have they been arresting people for going to the shops, walking around supermarkets and declaring what people can buy, now they are advertising for people to report family and friends for speaking about conspiracy...
  17. kerrichinchilla

    real old mystery - Tammy Lynn

    just watch this old episode of unsolved mysteries, what the girl said before she went missing and what we all know goes on in hollywood and the film industry, i cant be the only one who gets goosebumps when she said she saw something she shouldnt of.
  18. kerrichinchilla

    Some positivity, people on vigilant citizen are so friendly

    I don't know about anyone else but I found this forum, and the linked website because other conspiracy forums were well aggressive and toxic. I just find talking to people on here it's so much more relaxing and pleasant, even when we don't agree with each other, it's still civil, no name...
  19. kerrichinchilla

    UK police forces advising people to creat grab bags

    Don't know if anyone else finds this a bit troubling but why would all UK police forces be advising people to get grab bags. Items include, medication, water, food, radios, chargers for phones, clothing ect. Do they know something we don't , it started off with the Scottish police now all...
  20. kerrichinchilla

    cambridge suicides

    yesterday a girl committed suicide bu jumping out a plane while on a tourist tour of Madagascar, at the same time near me a road was closed because a man 'fell out of a car head first, today he died. both tragic but whats the link. both are from Cambridgeshire uk. Alana Cutland was a biology...