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  1. Lil axe


    in canada they have discovered mass graves of native children at residential school
  2. Lil axe

    romana didulo

    stumbled across this anyone hear of the individual romana didulo? are they legitimate or off their rocker?
  3. Lil axe


    more of an observation, vent what got me really questioning the system were the bands i listen/ listened to growing up motorhead, ministry, rage against the machine, tool, system of a down, etc and not a single peep out of any of them about what is happening with regards to the experiment/...
  4. Lil axe

    Simple Human

    i opened up a new tab and this story appeared - something i've been noticing past couple years, is dumbing down the human, while boosting up the device i purchased a garbage can for...
  5. Lil axe

    Mystery Brain Disease - a brain disease is affecting a small amount of people on the east coast of...
  6. Lil axe

    how to differentiate

    alot of us look at society, watch youtube videos, we read articles from vc talking about symbolism, but we are able (on the most part) able to sift through, reading the news a story caught my eye, fella in atlantic canada, watched videos on illuminati, symbolism, etc. ended up shooting police...