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    Why do people like the idea of vengeance/punishment/retribution?

    I can't recall a time I lashed out in anger and didn't regret it. Anger is a great evil, yet I'm expected to believe a perfect being is going to be so full of wrath an angry god will torture the majority of the human race for all eternity? Why would anyone want to think that? If God is perfect...
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    Sailor Moon Eternal Features Incestuous p***philia

    The new Sailor Moon features Usagi and Mamoru's time travelling five-seven year old daughter (It's complicated.) In one scene while they are at Mamoru's apartment (that's her dad), Chibiusa makes the statement that she wants her father to see her the same way he sees her mother. If this wasn't...
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    Did everyone enjoy the Capital Coup show?

    That was so staged I'm astonished there wasn't a greenscreen. The "security" let them in and the Buffalo Man was likely there for some sort of occult ritual.
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    Are Fetishes Healthy To Have

    I have a problem. I have a sexual fetish (spanking), but the issue is I'm more interested in the fetish than normal sex. I think this has to do with how I was raised to view sexuality (as something bad and sinful which God would punish me for). I feel like I deserve to be punished for my sexual...
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    Sailor Moon and Normalization of Incest

    In Sailor Moon, the character Chibiusa (Mamoru and Usagi's daughter from the future, long story) is six years old and presented as a romantic rival to her own mother. In several scenes, she kisses Mamoru her own father. This is presented as cute. No, no it is not cute. It is sick and wrong...