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  1. Alanantic

    Is this close to your idea of God?

    3. God is endless above and below the universe. There is no place, or even the smallest particle that it does not permeate. 4. God permeates all of the water, land, wood, and stone. Not a single being is without it. 5. Just as water is in and around water animals, in the same way, this pure...
  2. Alanantic

    What can religion offer me, Who finds Truth everywhere?

    I see religion as a bureaucracy built by humans; usually around a human who possessed great wisdom, presence, and/or something miraculous. I see Truth in all religions but none have it exclusively. While "A Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" is handy to have, it's same with religious scripture...
  3. Alanantic

    Anybody Here Not Religious But Spiritual?

    I feel there's more potential in those relationships. Agree?