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  1. TonyVanDam

    My Peacefully Protest Against The Big 5 Tech Companies!

    This is Anthony, AKA TonyVanDam. And on May 2021, I am here to give you a follow up report on my peacefully protest against Google, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, & Apple. But first, I need to repeat what I said in a previous thread as words of wisdom to anyone that has issues with how the Big 5...
  2. TonyVanDam

    Colorado = Terrorist Attack Alley?!?

    Even before we get into a heated discussion about the latest attack that took the lives of 10 people in a supermarket on March 2021, the Colorado state may on course of being #1 out of 50 states for most number of inter-mainland terrorist attacks. SOURCES...
  3. TonyVanDam

    How Come No One Speaks Out Against Heterophobia?

    This is Anthony aka TonyVanDam and yes, THIS is a serious question. Not only am I against the 5 deadly -isms in USA [classism/colorism/racism/sexism/agism], I am also against homophobia & transphobia. No one should be bullied or have their human life threaten because of their sexuality. With...
  4. TonyVanDam

    Lets Make A List Of Movies That Are Close To The Truth [Conspiracies, Occult Science, etc.]

    The key word is "movies", NOT documentaries. They can be a work of "fiction" or non-fiction [as in based on OR inspired by a true story]. Also, the movies can be from Hollywood or independent filmmakers, regardless of movie genres. I start it off by naming 5 films that, IMDHO, belongs on the...
  5. TonyVanDam

    Who Exactly Is THE Leader Of Antifa?!?

    THIS is one question that has yet to be answered. If Antifa is supposed to be the blame for having "agents" playing BLM, Proud Boys, and/or just plain die-hard Trump supporters on all sides, then who in the hell is calling the shots within the mysterious controversial organization?
  6. TonyVanDam

    So Who's Ready For 12 Years Of Kamala Harris?!?

    Oh come on fellow VCF members, all of you should've know THIS thread was coming! 4 years [or less?] as Vice-President & 8 years [at the most] as President. This was AND still is the real reason why Biden had to win 2020 in the first place. Biden's one term [or less?] , in the long run, is...
  7. TonyVanDam

    Can Covid-19 potentially fulfill the 1st commandment of The Georgia Guidestones?

    Let say if the Corvid-19 international crisis, especially in the USA, remains out of control, can it potentially fulfill the 1st commandment of The Georgia Guidestones?: Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.
  8. TonyVanDam

    Let The Year 2020 A.D./C.E. Be Your Last Battlefield!

    My inspiration came from re-watching one of my all-time favorite Star Trek TOS episode entitled "Lets This Be Your Last Battlefield". Racism, classism, & political ideologies were the themes of that episode. But the real major theme of LTBYLB was actually the consequences of hatred. But never...
  9. TonyVanDam

    Hurricane Irma

    This is TVD and I'm afraid that Key West, Miami, & Orlando are screwed! ---------- After blasting the northern Caribbean, deadly Hurricane Irma will turn toward the United States, unleashing destructive winds, flooding rain and dangerous seas across Florida starting on Saturday...
  10. TonyVanDam

    List 3 Good Things Pres. Trump Has Done Thus Far In 2017

    This is TVD and I challenge anyone that actually voted for Trump, likes Trump, and/or dare to make excuses for Trump to please tell me 3 good things he has done as U.S. President thus far. So far, the only good thing I notice is that the price of gas per gallon is still low [which was already...
  11. TonyVanDam

    Outside Of The Bible & Quran, Can You Prove That Christ Ever Existed At All?

    I've been in a line of controversy in recent years for being convince that Yahshua [Christ Jesus] did not exist at all. I still keep an open mind to the possibility that Yahshua did exist as a human and [sadly to say....] his entire life story has been turn into a massive lie, never mind the...
  12. TonyVanDam

    Lenon Honor: Not All Muslims Are Terrorists & Not All Christians Are Angels

    This is TonyVanDam and I approved the following message by Lenon Honor. Although the video was posted on YouTube on 3/25/2016, the message is still on point in 5/2017. There are bad people in each of the Abrahamic Religion. And we need to stop avoiding ourselves to be brainwashed by America...
  13. TonyVanDam

    When Is The Next Conspiracy Boom?

    I know of 2 previous Conspiracy Booms: One set off because of 9/11 and the other that was set off by the death of Michael Jackson. The USA [my home country] is in need for another Conspiracy Boom. By Conspiracy Boom, I mean the right kind of controversy that will get people interested in...
  14. TonyVanDam

    Sources To Help You Know Your Symbols!

    This is TonyVanDam and we all need to increase our knowledge AND awareness about symbolism. If you know any sources, post about them in this thread.
  15. TonyVanDam

    The "Man In The Dress" Gimmick In Entertainment Continues......

    For those of you that seen the highlights of this past 2017 Grammy Awards, you already know of the incident about contemporary gospel artist Kirk Franklin wearing a red dress underneath his usual Sunday's best church clothes. Yes fellow VCF members, it has finally gotten to the point that...