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  1. yannick


    Just what is a debate? Is it a deb? I guess one could say that it's partly so since deb /dɛb/ noun INFORMAL short for debutante. and debutante /ˈdɛbjʊtɑːnt,ˈdeɪɛbjʊtɑːnt/ noun noun: debutante; plural noun: debutantes an upper-class young woman making her first appearance in...
  2. yannick

    The Unseen

    Besides God Almighty, there is no other deity which is worthy of worship, utmost love and adoration. Any thing can become a deity for us if we let that thing become a means whereby we forget about The One Who Does Not Resemble any thing in any way. God Is The Creator of the microcosmic human...
  3. yannick

    Wordplay / Play on words

    Wordplay Is that a weird plea?
  4. yannick

    Knowing our Maker

    God is always watching us despite our inability to see Him. This is a thread to share the ways in which we entertain our faith in Him daily. I am currently eating a tapioca pudding. Other than The CREATOR of everything, nobody and no one could have truly made this tongue and these taste buds...
  5. yannick

    Message/Chat Room

    I figured if anybody wants to chat to anybody, here could be the place? Or not? What do you guys think? Like if I want to speak to any one of my favorite comrades, I can just like: Hey Etagloc , How's everything? Welcome to my chat room brother and please do make yourself at ease! Also, do...
  6. yannick

    Wordings From Lyrics

    This is a thread about songs that I usually play in my head but without ever using any means to hear them. Sometimes I just hear them. So please, only lyrics in this thread, thank you! In remembrance of an old infatuation Sweet Child Of Mine by Guns and Roses She's got a smile it seems to me...
  7. yannick

    The Seven Energies of the Body

    I find that very interesting and relevant to me, a mere creature of The Almighty, The One Whose Knowledge Pervades every thing, everywhere...