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  1. williejonesjr

    Fun Time Kid Kare, daycare or something worse?

    What started out as a "hey, I never see anyone at this daycare" turned into Pizzagate 2.0. A daycare in SLC, UT looks creepy and possibly is creepy. Definitely more to the story.
  2. williejonesjr

    MeN gEt PeRiOdS tOo... No man I've ever met in my life ever had a uterus or got a period. Make it stop.
  3. williejonesjr

    Roseanne cancellation was planned all along

    So, Roseanne's reboot was cancelled yesterday. They were just starting work on the second season, when Roseanne made a racist tweet, or not, depending on who you ask. Wanda Sykes, head writer on the reboot, lead the charge by first quitting. Execs then cancelled the entire show, leaving a lot of...
  4. williejonesjr

    Barbara Bush dies. She was not my favorite person. She didn't seem genuine or likeable. My guess is I won't be seeing her in heaven.
  5. williejonesjr

    Another KPop singer mysteriously dies Looks like cardiac arrest...
  6. williejonesjr

    Nickelodeon parts ways with the perv

    Nickelodeon parts ways with Pervy Mcpervenstein, Dan Schneider. Best parts: "Among other things, I hear there had been multiple complaints of abusive behavior against Schneider filed by members...
  7. williejonesjr

    Inexplicably tired, anyone?

    I've noticed that past few nights, my sleep has been for sh*t. My brother and I are up all night, pacing, squeaking, panting, unable to sleep. Others dogs are experiencing this, too. Oh, yeah, humans, too. I'm (desperately) trying to connect my night jitters with frequencies from this...
  8. williejonesjr

    M/i Homes, Etc

    My apologies if anyone here is employed by such employer. A friend recently moved into a brand new, $200,000+ M/I home. It's nice. Everything is new. Nice neighborhood, I suppose. Upon further inspection, M/I Homes are nothing but Illuminati/ end of days/ red-level terror alert homes. What do...
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    Yeah, I got invited, but I can't go. Got a big cookout I'm going to. Yeah. Gonna be fun. Maybe next year, though.
  10. williejonesjr

    Anna Nicole Smith's Daughter Today

    Anna Nicole's daughter did a recent interview. She's now 10. She likes to draw and draws pics of butterflies. She says butterflies make her feel connected to her late mother. Monarch programming, perhaps?
  11. williejonesjr

    Why, Vc! You're In On It, Too?! Look at News & Current Events!