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    Imam Mahdi - the Son of Man Birthday

    Salam; hi Its the birthdate of the Holy Personality Imam Mahdi Peace upon Him, that happened tonight westasia time. In bible he is mentioned the Son of Man.
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    Doc: Enemies of Islam | Wahabism

    Hi, this documentary is a series with 12 episodes in the 1st season with the name of Enemies of Islam - Project Takfirism; very precisely and with all necessary details explains the issue of Takfiris and Wahabism. For those in search of explanations what isis is and how they work with arrogant...
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    SOFT WAR of Hegemonic Powers

    Hi, this thread is for collection of any kind of material/content on the issue of Soft War of Arrogant capitalistic and psychological ill people that change their propaganda machine and sometimes they call and promote liberal democracy and sometimes social liberalism and so on so forth playing...
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    Salam, hi making this post here is maybe most proper as obelisk is one of the symbols of the Arrogant Hegemonic Capitalist and sure being in entertainment arena. Burning the Obelisk in Iran, maybe even first time around the globe some years ago was something new never maybe we could thought...