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    Projection Mapping Show in Hagia Sophia

    Turkey celebrates the 568th anniversary of the conquest of Instanbul A show was projected on the building, and maybe I'm not familiar with the whole thing but it seems that there were some weird symbols We can see the lotus flower, caduceus (not sure about this) in the place of pillars, the...
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    Willow Smith came out as polyamorous

    Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you elit's new agenda : polygamy (well, kind of). Another step towards the normalization of some behaviours. The daughter of Will Smith came out as polyamorous...
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    El Diablo eurovision song

    The following song will represent Cyprus in Eurovision 2021 : Religious organisations are actually protesting through the country against the song and it's satanic lyrics. The official explanation is that the lyrics are metaphorical, and it's all about toxic relationships Any thoughts ?
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    3426 meaning in a greek music-video

    Can someone help me with the meaning of this number : 3-4-2-6. When searching on google there's an "angelic number" meaning, but I'm pretty sure there's a more occult one This number is heard in a music-video from the greek mad video music awards (it's very much like the american vma's) by an...
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    A princess shaved off half of her hair

    Seems like a mk-ultra case ? What do you think ?
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    Need some help to find the meaning of two pictures

    Hello, I stumbled across this greek videoclip, it's a catchy Christmas song, but as usual with this singer there's a lot of symbolism. Right now I'm trying to understand what I'm seeing, and there are two strange pictures that seem randomly placed there but I believe there has to be some...
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    Sin boy - greek artist breakdown, very strange case

    So there's this very famous artist in Greece, "Sin Boy", at the moment I think he's still number one on the charts. He became famous almost instantly a few months ago with his song "MAMA" Since some days, he had a very strange breakdown : in his instagram account he talked about "illuminatis"...
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    Synopsis : A nice mini-series from Netflix, featuring : - A satanic cult - Mind control (done by the same satanic cult) - A demon-possessed girl using her black magic powers (by hey ! she's part of the good guys) - Human sacrifices (not that obvious, but If you watch closely..) - Religious...
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    American Satan

    American Satan is a movie about a band that signs a contract with the devil itself in order to succeed There's a lot going around this movie, and the scenario writers certainly know things we don't. A lot of symbolism goind around (from the apple in the beggining, to their initiation night)...
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    Translating VC articles into other languages ?

    Hello, I'm planning to open a website discussing the same matters as VC. It's not in English. May I have the permission to translate some articles and put them there ? I will always include a link to the original VC article of course. Thanks :)
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    Runaways series

    Did anyone watch the first season of this series ? From the first until the last episode, symbols are everywhere. I'll try not to spoil, so here's some of them : - The main plot of the story is about human sacrifices. A group of people, dressed with red hoods, sacrifice young children -...
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    Kingsman: The Golden Circle

    I just watched the movie and there's a scene with a character who lost his mind and is in a room full of butterflies... They try to get him back by trauma. Feels like MK Ultra ? I didn't catch every symbol in the movie but I'm sure there's a lot, like the first one. I'm looking forward for the...
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    Restore Threads From The Old Forum

    I was wondering if it's possible to restore a thread from the old forum. I just want the content, even by PM it's ok. VC admin ? :)