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  1. Daze

    Black Nobility

    Sad, how the Christian is quick to throw away half of his religion whenever it doesn't agree with him. Much like all those verses forbidding the consumption of pork, right Tidal? "Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill...
  2. Daze

    Do all religions lead us to God?

    Absolutely, I used to have a co-worker who told everyone he was Muslim. I remember asking him basic questions one day during lunch and found out he didn't believe the world was gonna be destroyed like the Quran dictates. Muslims believe the Quran to be the word of God so if you disagree...
  3. Daze

    Black Nobility

    True? But when we tell you isis (Israels Secret Intelligence Service) are not Muslim you ignore it. KKK is clearly Christian because they burn the colored man on crosses, duh. As they say, you can't have your cake and eat it too Tidal. (Ya, i don't intend to get through to you, just...
  4. Daze

    Do all religions lead us to God?

    Seeing that you have denounced millions of Christians like Catholics you should say.. Just.. keeping it honest Tidal.. Yes, yes i know. To you they are not Christian, but they beg to differ.
  5. Daze

    Do all religions lead us to God?

    As you may have noticed, I deleted my comment almost as soon as i posted it because i decided the argument wasn't worth it. But since you've grabbed it I might as well respond. What do you mean by "Christian concept of God"? There are more then a few million Christians who say Jesus is not...
  6. Daze

    Black Nobility

    Along the same lines, what makes Christians like Timothy McVeigh bomb buildings full of people Tidal? What makes all of these Christian nut jobs bomb abortion clinics? One life for another, is that how it works? I used to have a thread on the old forums titled "Lets face it, these Christians...
  7. Daze

    Sugar addiction

    Flaxseed gets alot of good reviews for its protein and omega 3 content, but tests show it lowers testosterone. You might want to consider dropping it from your diet.
  8. Daze

    When you realize only the puppets change while those pulling their strings never go anywhere...

    When you realize only the puppets change while those pulling their strings never go anywhere, there is nothing strange about it.
  9. Daze

    How And Why Does Israel Have So Much Power?

    Confirmation bias goes a long way. When the 'news' agreea with pre-conceived notions how can it possibly be wrong? Some are brainwashed. Others believe the media because they want to. It speaks to what they already 'know'.
  10. Daze

    How And Why Does Israel Have So Much Power?

    Like Sol said in the other thread, maybe he is a shill? For all we know he's 30 years old sitting in Israel amongst some disinfo unit like 8200. Maybe he's just trolling but at the end of the day... Is anyone as dumb as he portrays to be?
  11. Daze

    How And Why Does Israel Have So Much Power?

    They actually do burn churches in Israel as well as oppressing Palestinian Christians. I'd source it but I'm at work. Just search burning churches in Israel.
  12. Daze

    How And Why Does Israel Have So Much Power?

    That's a good point. I know chemtrails are real because I'm old enough to remember blue skies. Before the late 90's there was no such thing as a lasting, expanding "contrail"... and Tidal is 30 years older then me. To be fair I'm aware of gooberment documents that admit to geo engineering...
  13. Daze

    How And Why Does Israel Have So Much Power?

    I think pretty much everyone here knows his stance on 9/11. In a public sphere he has no credibility. We all know how bias western media is and I'm sure Tidal took his "facts" from BBC, telegraph, daily fail and so on.
  14. Daze


    Here is the same channel, but a more recent video by a few days. Its weird, there must be something metallic in the arm for the magnet to grab on to. Going by the video posted above the guy got his shot 4 days prior so whatever is in his arm hasn't moved far. Wonder what it is? Some kind...
  15. Daze

    It's begun

    Its long gone due to censorship but a youtube channel called The Paulstal Service had a video showing how Hamas was just another tool of Israel. You should question everything that comes out of the media. Edit: Found it on archive...
  16. Daze

    Pipeline shutdown in USA

    Its likely scripted. Seems the WEF predicted a cyber attack. Idk if you like HugoTalks but he made a video on it.
  17. Daze

    The spike in violence towards Asian Americans is deeply disturbing.

    Media pushing division and fear, nothing more. A population whose afraid of thier own shadow are easier to control. After all, who can protect you if not the gooberment?
  18. Daze

    Black Nobility

    Just go no respect for no one at any moment, huh Tidal? Tell us all again how you represent Jesus? This is his thread, if you have to post, make your own thread. The least you can do is show a shred of decency.
  19. Daze

    Market Crash & the Covid Game

    A couple months ago when Texas was having rolling blackouts most places were closed because of lack of power. The occasional fast food joint like Burger King that was open had cars lined up for blocks, literally 30+ vehicles easily at one restaurant. While most had to stay in freezing homes...
  20. Daze

    Wearing a Mask

    Do you think people are getting tired of this plan-demic yet? Note, there is probably swearing in the video but i don't speak Russian so..