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  1. BumbleBee

    George Floyd/Protests/Peace/Riots/Chaos

    Apologies if anyone has already mentioned this. Is anyone else freaked out by the black screen trend? Creepy black cube symbolism in hyperdrive.
  2. BumbleBee

    Former NFLer Larry Johnson accuses ‘Freemason’ Dwyane Wade of sacrificing his son for ‘the doctrines of demons’

    Above and beyond the usual howling about bigotry and homophobia, that NY Daily News article manages to conflate Johnson‘s views with flat Earth and suggest he is brain damaged.
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    Sin boy - greek artist breakdown, very strange case

    The man is David Cameron, as far as I can tell. And Tupac on his hoodie is interesting too.
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    Chateau Marmont

    Lana del Rey has a Chateau Marmont tattoo, apparently, and she filmed and performed there a bit. It is definitely a creepy place but, then again, the whole of Hollywood is pretty creepy.
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    Chateau Marmont

    Looks like that creepy shrieking creature from Ariane Grande’s vid.
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    Favorite youtube channels

    I listen to lots that have already been listed and quite like The Crowtree, Lift the Veil and Really Graceful too. I tend to be skeptical of End of Days fear mongering. There are some interesting ‘gnostic’ information channels too, if you are into that vein - Leak Project and the OverWatchChannel.
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    Diplo, the last piece of the puzzle.

    Taylor Swift and Brendon Urinate’s new video for the wretch-worthy song Me! is bathed in the pastel rainbow colour scheme (as well as a plethora of other symbols - snake, butterflies, umbrellas, rainbows, unicorn, Masonic tiles, pillars, clouds, goo, winged beings, a domed cathedral and for...
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    The Alan Parsons project

    He worked with Pink Floyd quite a bit too.
  9. BumbleBee

    Sophia and Baphomet

    Being a Muslim (or any religion, for that matter) surely does not exclude one from asking questions?
  10. BumbleBee

    Jesus, James or Paul?

    Surely the multiple dodgy translations and especially something like the gender-neutral version shows that this is simply not true? The original words (which have been lost to antiquity) may well have been God breathed but are subject to the inevitable corruption of this material existence; and...
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    Jesus, James or Paul?

    The bible does not tell of when, where or how Paul died. Jesus warned of an anti Christ and we just assume he is yet to come; this anti Christ was supposed to be so very good at what he did he would deceive the very elect (a few of the apostles, perhaps?). What stands in the Vatican, The...
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    Jesus, James or Paul?

    Not enough evidence to make such a sweeping statement.
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    Jesus, James or Paul?

    That was my take on it too. Well said.
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    Jesus, James or Paul?

    Jesus Which James? I hold James the Elder in high regard.
  15. BumbleBee

    Sympathy for the devil?
  16. BumbleBee

    Any vegetarians or vegans here?

    I’m completely obsessive about the organic and free range.
  17. BumbleBee

    Any vegetarians or vegans here?

    Could if needed. I will probably end up vegetarian in the end! It’s a process.
  18. BumbleBee

    Kourtney Kardashian Posts I ncest Photo?

    Also creepy is the selfie quote from Kris posing with Paris Hilton: “Christmas Eve with this gorgeous girl who taught me when she was just a little girl, that blondes really do know how to have a LOT of fun!!! Love you Paris,” Kris wrote as she shared the photo on Instagram. Whuuut?
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    Any vegetarians or vegans here?

    After years of eating what I hoped was more humanely slaughtered (there’s an oxymoron for you) meat and always feeling uncomfortable about it, no matter how organic and free range, I came to a personal conclusion that if I could not conceive of killing and preparing it myself, I have no business...
  20. BumbleBee

    New conspiracies that we've probably but hopefully never heard of

    If you want some ripe conspiracies check out China, Huawei and the 5G rollout in the UK, and the Supreme Master Ching Hai. My new rabbit hole.