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  1. imsickofyoshi

    New comments on main site have pictures

    I made a comment and it has one of my pics and I cant delete it wtf? I want to stay private. Can these new comments be deleted?
  2. imsickofyoshi

    Is it me or has rasicm risen in the conspiracy community?

    Just from places I noticed here and there. Thank goodness most are still decent here (Hidden moderation maybe?) I tried Bitchute first thing I see was n word in the comments. I could be wrong too. Lets hear your thoughts
  3. imsickofyoshi

    Opinions on the Everyone in Hollywood is trans people?

    I hate it. Its so harmful. for women who don't look stereotypically feminine. Im a birth giving, breastfeeding, period having WOMAN but because my shoulders are wider than my hips, it don't matter Im actually a man..
  4. imsickofyoshi

    Where are all the good youtube conspiracy channels?

    Are there any left? Or just interesting channels in general? Tired of all the flashiness. Just want to see a normal person behind a camera. Anyone notice how hard it is to find people like that now. Now they need 50-11 lights and a whole production team.
  5. imsickofyoshi

    Mr Iglesias Netflix Original Series

    Has anyone watched it? They make the one kid who is into conspiracy (forgot his name) look like a total nutcase. If they don't tone him down in the second season (if there is a second season) I will give up on the show. I like it otherwise. I think I like it because of its old school sitcom feel
  6. imsickofyoshi

    The new mermaid movie.

    Do you think its race-baity? Im not sure if I want to see it because I don't want to feel like Im being pandered to. All that money Disney have and they can't write up a new mermaid story without changing the old one? I just don't what to think about this.
  7. imsickofyoshi

    Hebrew Israelites?

    `What do think of them?
  8. imsickofyoshi

    Anyone ever had a family member who wanted to be a singer?

    If you ever had a family that had become famous, would you cut ties to protect yourself? I had just heard from my mom that my niece wanted to start recording or something. She is just 14. She hadn't even started yet. It's just a thought. A thought that still scares me none the less. I just...
  9. imsickofyoshi

    Is the age of information over?

    I tried to search Youtube with the term "Illuminati" nothing shows up but a bunch of mainstream videos now. If you're in the U.S, you will also get the grey header telling you what they want you to know. Things are getting harder to find because of the crackdown across all social media. I...
  10. imsickofyoshi

    I wanna hear your opinions on Lil Nas X

    How someone come outta nowhere, get so famous so fast? Yea the song was catchy but it's kinda worn out now. I wanna see some new work from him. I wonder what genre is he gonna be in? Do you think the whole country vs hip hip was another racial psy op?
  11. imsickofyoshi

    Why do they love Egyptian symbols?

    I have heard that America is the new Egypt I really don't know. Thoughts?
  12. imsickofyoshi

    Mac Miller dead at 26

    I can't find anything here on it. Apparently, his house was cleaned out before investigation Is this just an overdose or something else?
  13. imsickofyoshi

    COREY FELDMANS "GO 4 IT" feat SNOOP DOGG Thought you were going to expose..

    I thought he was going to expose pedos. WTH happened? Now he is making videos with Snoop? unsubbed.
  14. imsickofyoshi

    Cardi B Invasion of Privacy

    Have any of you seen the album cover? Didn't take her long :
  15. imsickofyoshi

    Best Friends Animal Sanctuary / Scientology

    I was reading there was a connection. I do think BFAS is a mass brainwashing cult something aint right with it. I had been trying to learn all I could but the information is either scarce, or I am not looking in the right places. What do you think?
  16. imsickofyoshi

    Desmond is amazing / Drag queen club for kids

    I had just heard of this the other day via this video and I searched here and didn't see anything on it. I think the kid is MKd or something. I just don't think he is doing this on his own How could a 10yo even open a club without an adults help? His Instagram has all types of one eye symbolism...
  17. imsickofyoshi

    Is Climate Change Real?

    Its something Ive been confused on. Why would they lie about that? What is the motive?
  18. imsickofyoshi

    Another Protest About A Statue. This Time A Christopher Columbus One.

    Now I'm thinking that this is just some manufactured bs. Why do so many care about statues now? I feel that this is a big distraction.
  19. imsickofyoshi

    The Mirco Chips Are Here Wow this is happening so fast. I am amazed, for a lack of better words, at how fast this is happening. A comapany in Wisconsin is implementing a chip system to use snack machines...
  20. imsickofyoshi

    Jeremy Meeks

    Anyone else tired of hearing about him? I wonder is all this staged? He couldnt really have thought he could get away with cheating? Something is so weird about this. This random prisoner is now an elite puppet. I just want to get some conversation going on what yall think of Jeremy