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  1. ~JC~

    Spotify Removes Ian Brown Song Over Anti-Lockdown, Anti-Mask Lyrics

    Here we go..! Censorship trickling through all the cracks. “...Ian Brown has come under fire for tweets about the coronavirus pandemic and his skepticism. Brown suggested the crisis was planned and designed to make...
  2. ~JC~

    COVID-19 bill started a 180-day countdown for UFO disclosures

    COMING TO YOU, by THIS SPRING or SUMMER! :D things could get interesting... blurb: President Trump’s signature Sunday on the $2.3 trillion COVID-19 relief and government...
  3. ~JC~

    Alex Jones on Rogan

  4. ~JC~

    Zachary K. Hubbard | Number Games: 9/11 to Coronavirus

    This is a GREAT listen. It’s worth going to Patreon so you can get the full 2.5 hour show (with subscription to THC - well worth it). blurb: Zachary K. Hubbard is an elementary school teacher, who since 2013 has been educating about Gematria, the ancient and occult practice of coding number...
  5. ~JC~

    Doc: Childhood 2.0

    I understood somewhat about what kids are dealing with in today’s age, but not to this depth. Hearing the details of a young person’s life, from their perspective, was pretty eye opening for me, esp discovering how YOUNG some of these kids are when they’re introduced to sex, and then (mostly...
  6. ~JC~

    “Entertainment” breakdown

  7. ~JC~

    Comedian DL Hughley Collapses on Nashville Stage....hmm

    Just gonna leave this here because something feels oddly convenient about the outcome. You’ll get it.
  8. ~JC~

    Any tips on how to get the best sleep to function better?

    This is really for my mom, who has such an over active brain, she’s always moving or else she gets bored. She’s just one of those people who can’t sit still and she can never sleep all the way through the night. I’m trying to get her to learn how to be still in life, but she’s kind of old...
  9. ~JC~

    BLM F&*#kery

    I thought this might be a good place to show videos of black people speaking out about the perverse nature of BLM. My heart is truly aching for these innocent people who are being taken advantage of on such a wide scale in the name of BLM. I just happened to come across these and wanted to...
  10. ~JC~

    Look at Zuckerberg’s and his wife’s eyes

    This is fkd up because it’s HIS fb page. Scroll to 3:20 and pay attention to their eyes.
  11. ~JC~

    Former heavyweight and boxing contender David Rodriguez talks inside knowledge about pedo ring and trafficking

    He went live on fb to post this vid and I can’t find it on YouTube so if you have fb, here is the link to his profile and the video is on his feed and looks like the image below:
  12. ~JC~

    The *Ignore This Thread* thread, because VC apparently has no way of letting you delete a thread

  13. ~JC~

    RIP to James Lipton

    I guess he died of bladder cancer today; 93 yrs old. He gave us some of the most unique celebrity conversations and a provocative look into Hollyweird and its characters. This is one of the most powerful gems to come out of his career, IMO.
  14. ~JC~

    Just a thought about humans feeling the need to present strength for loved ones dealing...

    When you’re trying to be strong for someone else, you’re actually stunting *your* own growth, but it is such a beautiful reminder of who we are as human beings, in that, we want to help the other person FEEL better until the end. and then we deal with our own feelings. so we put ourselves aside...
  15. ~JC~

    Behind The Scenes Footage of Stanley Kubrick's The Shining(1980)

    Boredom killer for Kubrick fans
  16. ~JC~

    An analysis of the character, Anton Chigurh, from the movie No Country For Old Men

    I thought this was pretty interesting for any fans of this movie. It still creeps me out to see this guy.
  17. ~JC~

    Jessica Simpson Opens Up About Child Sexual Abuse

    This does not surprise me at all...(by saying that, in no way am I trying to undermine such a horrible act) If this story actually interests you, but for some reason you can't watch...
  18. ~JC~

    Kobe Bryant is dead the day the Grammys are on

    I’m guessing there’s going to be some nefarious connection, knowing the world we now live in. If anyone is watching the Grammys, maybe this is a good place to talk about it!
  19. ~JC~

    Elizabeth Banks makes Prince Andrew joke on Graham Norton

    Boy, you know it’s a touchy subject when even Ricky Gervais puts his head down.. Silly American! :eek:
  20. ~JC~

    Giuliani interview, crushing Biden, the Washington Post and the Fox News interviewer

    Holy shizz.. did anyone catch this the other day? some of the stuff Rudy is saying in public news blew my mind. He really should watch his back after this.