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  1. manama

    So you remember that China's scoring system that looked something straight out of black mirror?

    ITS FAAAAAAAAAAAAKE. Fake news originally spread by muricans and believed by muricans. This site isn't even something i'd fully believe in but the whole thing has been debunked on reddit and other boards...
  2. manama

    People can be charged with 1 Million Dollars and upto 20 years in Prison for speaking up against Israel.

    The Cardin legislation would “bar U.S. persons from supporting boycotts against Israel, including its settlements in the Palestinian Occupied Territories conducted by international governmental organizations, such as the United Nations and the European Union. It would also... include penalties...
  3. manama

    "Concentration camps-like" migrant youth shelters in the US have taken over 10,000 children.

    Colleagues at a government-contracted shelter in Arizona had a specific request for Antar Davidson when three Brazilian migrant children arrived: “Tell them they can’t hug.” Davidson, 32, is of Brazilian descent and speaks Portuguese. He said the siblings — ages 16, 10 and 6 — were distraught...
  4. manama

    Palestinian scholar on the recent attacks on protestors by Israel.

    Look at the interviewer keep pushing her propaganda and still get "fact-checked" by Noura, she kept bringing back the issue of the embassy even though it was made clear that nobody cares about a stupid building when people are dying. And look at the comments. That shows (with all due respect)...
  5. manama

    Punish a Muslim Day????? Islamophobia?

    LONDON — The anonymous letters arrived this weekend in plain white envelopes with second-class stamps, and were sent to people in at least six communities in England. Inside was a message so hateful that it sent out ripples of alarm and prompted a national counterterrorism investigation. The...
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    The poppy movie

    This looks so creepy lol
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    Attack On The Grand Mosque

    Authorities in Saudi Arabia have foiled a "terrorist action" targeting the Grand Mosque in Mecca, according to officials. The Saudi interior ministry said in a statement on Friday that a man who planned to attack the mosque blew himself up when security forces surrounded a house in Mecca where...
  8. manama

    Guess Who Just Striked Again With A New Music Video?

    Yes the one and only starboy lol This video seems even weirder than starboy tbh
  9. manama

    Why Do Christians Do This?

    I can't help but see this pattern. Jesus is all good, he is love and mercy etc in comparison to this God or the father is made to look like an antagonized figure. Jesus cares, he is love there for everyone and he will protect everyone and take you to heaven etc God is all anger, he doesn't...
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    Fake News?

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    They Are Going To Kill Him.

    In case you don't know about this guy. He is an American imam named Omar Suleiman. He has done a great job on speaking against terrorism, extremism and also other events in America. He was also the one that caused the huge strike in the Dallas airports to free the people who were stuck there...
  13. manama

    Us Air Strike On Mosul Kills Over 100 Civilians

    "An American airstrike in March killed more than 100 Iraqi civilians by inadvertently setting off a large amount of explosives that Islamic State fighters had placed in a building in Mosul, according to a long-awaited military investigation made public on Thursday. Critics have said the March...
  14. manama

    A Different Perspective.

    Has anyone here ever studied any faith or belief system other than their own, thoroughly? If no, why? If yes, What made you not believe in that ?
  15. manama

    Devil's Book?

    just came across this, what do you think?
  16. manama

    Difference Between Various Stories Across Abrahamic Religions

    Since, the Vc case for Christ was becoming a huge mess due to so many different topics being discussed at the same time, I made a new thread. The point of discussion was how different the same stories are when the Biblical version is compared to the Quranic version. The best and most important...
  17. manama

    Fake Imams Giving Hate Speeches To Stir Hatred Against Muslims?

    Two People claiming to be Imams have been giving extreme hate speeches against other groups of people in order to cause hatred against Muslims to rise and to some extent, have caused an outrage. also another woman who has been making false stories against Muslims
  18. manama

    Human Head Transplant??

    So, apparently in december there is going to be a human head transplant 100+ doctors and nurses will be involved and the price is said to be over 11 million for the operation. What is your opinion on it? Will it actually work? Is it morally correct? And do you think this will bring a better...