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    The "Asteroid" Anticipation Thread

    Her FEMA source doesn't explain how Israel is going to cause the asteroids to impact or make sure they only wipe out the US and Europe, or did I not understand that part? It continues at the Pastebin link above...
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    The "Asteroid" Anticipation Thread

    Interesting choice of name for this asteroid: Not saying that this story is any more or less than what it seems, but here's a different way of looking at the ever increasing number of near miss asteroid stories that the media highlights...
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    Uk Skins Serie and symbols

    That's a really good question! I don't have a definite answer, much may depend on your personal world view and what your own understanding of who these forces really are. I do think there may be more than one goal and possibly more than one faction at work. Pure speculation follows: For MK...
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    Uk Skins Serie and symbols

    Well you've answered your own question with that post below! Great observation on your part! It's difficult to be definitive in these things. Sometimes a butterfly is just a butterfly. It's not fair to assume that every tattoo or poster has an occult purpose. It is enough I think to be...
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    Uk Skins Serie and symbols

    I think this is a perfectly natural reaction and common to everyone that begins to spot the secret language being used in plain sight. People have had exactly the same reactions for years, just with different movies/tv shows etc. You can find occult signalling in Disney kids movies, drama...
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    Armie Hammer's sickness exposed

    Humiliation ritual? Or... His exposure is part of a wider unveiling of Hollywood / elite practices.
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    MK Ultra

    As many of you will know, MK Ultra was a CIA mind control program that was supposedly closed down in the nineteen sixties. Symbolism Decode has an article which looks at Q posts referencing MK Ultra: The Symbolism Decode site is...
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    Satanism in ART [Trigger Warning]

    Just done a review of the first 4 pages and these are the themes I noted: Children, alone, vulnerable, threatened. Animal/Human hybrids. Animal heads on human bodies. Iconography associated with death. Coffins. Skeletons. One eyed symbolism Obscured/Distorted faces. Alternates Empty faces...
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    Not Sure if this has been covered anywhere... COVID VACCINE DEATHS BY RACE GUESS WHO THEY ARE TARGETING

    The yahoo search link has expired Surely but I think this is the page you refer to? I don't think it shows deaths attributed to the vaccine though?
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    Russian/USSR Soviet's Movies & T.V. - Symbolism [Trigger Warning]

    Yes of course. I joined here because I want to help and I appreciate the work you and others put in @Vmort :)
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    The British Royals

    Latest stats 35% UK adults have had 1 jab, 1.3% have had both doses....
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    The British Royals

    There's a theory he died awhile back, but they're holding the news till they can do the big state funeral and perhaps harvest all the emotional energy that's generated from it.
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    Should we expect anything on these dates?

    You can find what happened on past days in history at this site: The Alamo stood out as did Dred Scott decision, but there may be others. I try not to give too much thought to the number games they play or the false flag events that they mark by them...
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    The British Royals

    Not sure which is more frightening, Charles on the throne or moving straight to the Apocalypse with his son:
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    Russian/USSR Soviet's Movies & T.V. - Symbolism [Trigger Warning]

    Kudos to #Octozone for these further examples and thanks again to @Vmort for highlighting them. It's amazing how bringing together clips from different movies, separated by decades, can reveal these repeating images, time after time, regardless of what the surface storyline may be. Science...
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    Wearing a Mask

    Well done that guy for not being intimidated and standing up for himself. This is bringing out the worst in the jobsworths and petty bullies and those that support them.
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    Live life claim

    This is an interesting lead in to the quantum syntax stuff.
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    Adverts which may have an occult, satanic or predictive programming agenda...

    I've watched horror films that creeped me out less than that 2 minute commercial. I was half expecting all those people to be led straight through that portal into hell.
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    CovID-19-Western Medicine-Pharmacy/Witchcraft in Scripture

    Thank you for all the information in these posts. It's heavy reading and I'm deeply concerned about family members and indeed the wide world, but I do appreciate the efforts that you've made.
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    Adverts which may have an occult, satanic or predictive programming agenda...

    The purpose of this thread is to share and comment on adverts which may have hidden goals. They could include occult images or symbols, or perhaps some imagery that doesn't seem to fit with the product but which may suit the goals of the secret societies or cults that wield power behind closed...