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  1. Mr.Anderson

    Uk Skins Serie and symbols

    Never got to watch skins, but i'm well aware of the party scene where Crystal Castles play in the background Crystal Castles - Doe Deer (Skins) - YouTube and this scene too Skins - Crystal Castle - Alice practice - YouTube and lots of other, apparentely
  2. Mr.Anderson

    A question about the honesty of the intelligence claims to be God!

    Regarding the OP I'd like to point that there is a book by Derek Gilbert called "Bad Moon Rising" about this very subject.
  3. Mr.Anderson

    The Bill Gates Thread

    I spent 2020 studying for a big annual admission exam we have down here, world history is one of the subjects, so naturally I had to review the rise and fall of italian fascism and its relation to socialism / communism. To be honest and fair, it's easy to see how it became popular due to the...
  4. Mr.Anderson

    What are you reading?

    I'm now reading Neuromancer. I caught myself thinking a lot about the opinion from William Gibson about the internet:
  5. Mr.Anderson

    "after midnight the tendency is to dawn" - Wilshon Shin

    "after midnight the tendency is to dawn" - Wilshon Shin
  6. Mr.Anderson

    haha, USA is now using Paulo Freire's method from "Pedagogy of the Opressed". Guys, you have...

    haha, USA is now using Paulo Freire's method from "Pedagogy of the Opressed". Guys, you have absolutely *no idea* of what is coming to get you if you let this grow
  7. Mr.Anderson

    How to divest from the system

    I think i've used the wrong word here. I meant to say that this is a difficult situation because even when you want to start your own business the current system will undoubtly mess up with it somehow, specially when it is a internet service.
  8. Mr.Anderson

    How to divest from the system

    This is sketchy. Parler was one of the "start your own if you don't like it here" alternatives to twitter. Also there are some collective funding sites here in brazil that were also part of the "start your own...". it didn't end well too. It's almost like we need to start our own internet, or...
  9. Mr.Anderson

    How to divest from the system

    The Tower never comes down brick by brick. It always crumbles under its own weight.
  10. Mr.Anderson

    What started you down the rabbit hole?

    To me I guess it was after searching about the meaning of the movie "Metropolis". Everything seemed fiction to me before, but after watching that movie and doing a mild research I became convinced that everything was true. This was quite early, I recall that i didn't knew who marina abramovic...
  11. Mr.Anderson

    Live life claim

    Well, I'm a married man so according to brazilian law I don't have a birth certificate anymore, I use a marriage certificate instead, and since due to a clerical error I'm married to myself so this means i'm my own owner. But regarding this part: I couldn't agree more. The other part...
  12. Mr.Anderson

    Vatican Behind Secret Societies?

    As an actual catholic... dang, I wish this was true.
  13. Mr.Anderson

    Job recommendations

    I second the Trade certificate. Also metallurgy, soldering, construction jobs, electrician... "old school" jobs. Dang, if I had a son and he wanted to become a metalworks man I'd be happy.
  14. Mr.Anderson

    search for "tedros" at the tenor gif database.

    search for "tedros" at the tenor gif database.
  15. Mr.Anderson

    Pizza symbols in the entertainment industry

    Thanks to these mofos I can't eat pizza in peace anymore, they totally spoiled it to me.
  16. Mr.Anderson

    Marilyn Manson accused of abuse, more like a MK handler

    Who would guess that this guy was abusive, this is so completely shocking. Marilyn Manson was part of my childhood. Back when I was 12 my friends and I would make fun of him at school (stuff like this "oh manson", this "Dança da Manivela" and this "Festa no Apê") after we realized he was more...
  17. Mr.Anderson

    "Monkey Hate" on youtube

    In my intrinsic 5th grade instinct once I searched on youtube for a video where a bear accidentaly hits himself in his lower parts. The, like a drug dealer approaching a naïve kid, youtube then reccomended me some monkey cruelty abuse videos. Apparentely there is a yuge ammount of monkey...
  18. Mr.Anderson

    The Great Reopening

    Apparentely, the english are forcing the reopening of business since yesterday: Anti-lockdown campaigners push for illegal 'Great Reopening' of shops and businesses from TOMORROW | Daily Mail Online All of this reminds me of this pic I saw online:
  19. Mr.Anderson

    Belle Delphine

    Belle Delphine is south african, from cape town
  20. Mr.Anderson

    What’s with all of the occult horror films?

    The son of a friend came to see me today. Since the guy went to college he was exposed to all kind of spiritual crap you can imagine. Karl Marx, Nietzsche and I suspect that Aleister Crowley and the Thelema too. He became so "open minded" (desconstruído is the term I want to use) that he came to...