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  1. Antipapirus


    If I didn't believe with 99.9% certainty that Trump, Assad, and Putin were on the same team I would be worried As I stated, there is a positive group opposing the Illuminati and they are using the same deceptive tactics used by the Cabal, and that is because the evil ones control the masses...
  2. Antipapirus

    Jordan Peterson - The god of words

    If you haven't heard of this guy I seriously recommend watching his videos Here he destroys a deranged feminist And here he was called a coward afterward for not engaging on stage the "Jewish problem" issue I think that he behaved very smart, from my experience you cannot explain in any...
  3. Antipapirus

    The "Iran is going to nuke Israel" MITH

    I'm a citizen of Israel and I hear my dear Illuminati puppet president, Mr. Coruption movie star Bibi Netanyahu, scaring the hell out of us for years that Iran is going to get us, were all gonna die... His solution to this illogical and unreal threat? Start a war with Iran that will create WW3...
  4. Antipapirus

    The crazy hebrew god

    With my new eyes, i see the Jewish religion in ways i"ve never before 3 examples number 1 -The The Plagues of Egypt -the ten biblical plagues - the death of firstborns So, the Jewish god sends his "angel" [ demon ] to kill all new first borns in Egypt to make the Pharoh change his mind -...
  5. Antipapirus

    The end of the Iluminati

    My dear friends, I'm glad to announce that the end of the Illuminati has finally come !!! The shadow world war 3 is in its final stages, mass arrests are already in the final stages of execution, im not talking about the saudis , the cabal has already been defeated and treaties are now being...
  6. Antipapirus

    I asked a Rabbi about the Talmud and the Iluminati

    I did something that I never had the courage to do I confronted a Rabbi with the the Talmud and Israel"s role in the global demonic evil conspiracy, what he said still gives me chills... Before I start I must point that im spiritual, I don't consider my self Jewish anymore, I was a hard right...
  7. Antipapirus

    Political madness

    Credit to AMERICANS MUST ACCEPT TERROR ATTACKS OR WE MIGHT BE RACIST’ CLAIMS OBAMA ERA FBI BOSS Cesare Frank Figliuzzi, who served as the former Assistant Director for Counterintelligence at the FBI under Obama from early 2011 to July 2012, wrote the article for...
  8. Antipapirus

    How To Fight The Conspiracy

    For those of you who are educated in the conspiracy subject and for those who are not : You probably thought at some point that ,it's too much! these guys control everything , have all the best tech and all the money - How can I fight back ? is it futile ? Do you seriously believe there...
  9. Antipapirus

    Lucifer - Season 3 - Wtf ?!!!

    I got curious and watched this trailer , im not watching even one episode but just to get a general idea. And now we have satanic gay women dressing rappers Have we gone mad ? Satan is practicly...
  10. Antipapirus

    Important Message To Forum Members

    Greeting to all of you brave souls who decided to contribute to this forum, we are all awakened to some degree but you must understand something important, we face several problems and i conclude this after reading many of your threads and replys.. We have different : 1-places of birth...
  11. Antipapirus

    Has Anybody Here Read The Book "law Of One" ?

    Has anybody here read the book "Law of One" ?
  12. Antipapirus

    The Hebrew God Revealed

    Its important always to state i live in Israel for 25 years and served in the IDF infantry for 3 years and had a super right wing mentality [ "killing palestinian babies is ok because they are garbage" - kind of thoughts ] - Now im avakened and i will like to share with you an important...