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    Lorna Byrne - Angel Seer

    Truth or Hoax????
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    Are you dreaming?

    Can anyone explain this?
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    Build Back Better

    BBB = 222 = Illuminati
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    Mani the Prophet Anyone wanna discuss this guy? Mani, of Iranian origin, was the prophet and the founder of Manichaeism, a religion of late antiquity strongly influenced by Gnosticism which was widespread but no longer prevalent by name. Mani was born in or near...
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    Bosnian Muslims

    Bogomils came from Bosnia.... they were muslims...(present day) they were cathars..... (previously) Maybe the Muslims from Bosnia still had memories of being Cathars and following Bogomils... The church wiped them all out back in the day.. and they were wiped out again in Bosnia by the...
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    Cathars and Bogomils.

    Two sects or cults from the pages of history... i would like to discuss these people further with like minded folk. Who were they, what did they stand for etc etc.
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    The Satanic Verses - Revisited - NEW EVIDENCE

    Now, this is a serious question... If any of you are able to help or give your two pennys worth..then go ahead and post. what i want to know is about Surah Najm 53, and in particular the satanic verses. Exalted are the Gharaniq, whose intercession is hoped for. now if you have been following...
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    The Trinity

    Trishul Trident Triquetra Trinity Sirius + A + B 3 Pagan Goddesses Al-lat, Uzzu & Manat The triple Goddess Hexagram Lots of signs of the Trinity.... Anyone wish to discuss the Trinity in depth?
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    Why am i coded into Quranic scriptures?

    My name is Mohammed....i have recently discovered that my name, date of birth, street name and house number is coded into Surah Najm 53 and Surah Mohammed 47. i have tried posting my one seemed interested though....or maybe you are all bots, and i am in fact conversing with AI.
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    The three pagan goddesses of Islam.

    The three pagan goddesses of Islam. Al Lat Al Uzza Manat Anyone interested in discussing the goddesses further?
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    My name is Mohammed..

    My name is Mohammed and i am the Prophecy... Make of that what you may... i have started believing....
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    The Saudi Royals are Actually Jews

    also called DONMEH Jews also called Sabbatian Frankists please discuss....
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    Please define.... what is it? what the history behind this word? when do you know you are one? when do you know you are not? what type of people take on this word? im still please excuse me if im being too bold in asking this question
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    911 - The Truth

    What we are told about 911 is a load of lies...absolutely everything has been fabricated.. It basically was a insurance job done by a group of drug dealers... Now thats the ultimate truth :)
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    The Curse of Ham

    Is there any truth to the below texts...can someone enlighten me? What is commonly known as "The Curse of Ham" was not bestowed upon Ham himself, rather Noah indirectly cursed him via his son Canaan. The Talmud deduces two possible explanations, one attributed to Rab and one to Rabbi Samuel...
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    The Devils Mother

    Do you know who she is? Do you know that Christians and Muslims and Jews are all worshipping her?
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    Hand Signs - Erdogan, Macron trade barbs in 'brain death' dispute

    Erdogan, Macron trade barbs in 'brain death' dispute Both leaders making the same hand sign......what might it mean? any ideas?
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    Amazing Discovery!

    i just called my mum to say her address is coded into the quran surah NAJM....she took it quite calmly ...i was absolutley shocked
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    Do we die? thats something to think about... past life regression always takes people into previous lives and memories... i personally have memories of multiple lives....including being part of a flatlining experiment... different and multiple realities do exist in my opinion... and the...
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    Allah Talla

    who do you worship?