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    Out of Shadows

    Dropping this because YouTube won't give you the documentary if you type on the search bar.
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    Pronoun 'They' It's gonna be hella fun for academic discourse in the future.
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    Incantation in series or movies and songs.

    I finished binge watching The Witcher because someone who played game and read the book recommended to me. I didn't understand the hype, I mean the plot characters wise it's too condensed and too overdeveloped. It shall have more episodes to make it more coherent and cohesive. Strange thing...
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    Regarding Uyghur

    Is there any objective perspective why this horrible crime is happening? Like political history or any context at all? I watched the footages in Twitter and video too. They seem so real. My stomach is churning just thinking about it. I couldn't even enjoy my dinner after scrolling down the...
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    The Messiah (Netflix Series)

    This trailer causes trending topic in Twitter Is it about time we talk about it here?
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    Do you also feel that the world ended in 2012?

    Not like Armageddon kind of end. But the end of certain cycle. And now we have been in the first phase of the new cycle, whatever it is. The second phase of this new cycle will start in 2030. I'm not sure. But the year 2030 is being repeated as a set of agenda. I think the world has been...
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    This guy is very articulated, elequent. Definitely the textbook intelligent. I listen to his interview of Joe Rogan, he made Joe went quiet most of the time (maybe because it was a long distance video call). Anyway, as I listen, I wonder how this guy can elaborate a very systematic story...
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    This show has been on air since I was in Junior High. It's basically part of the pop culture. Now, the true final season, God is the villain. Like why? All the angels apparently rebelled or something, I stopped watching after the 6th season. And of course, Lucifer is the good guy here.
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    Sense8: Connected consciousness or neuralink?

    Someone mentioned that there are approximately 13 known elite families (like R0thchild) and there may be many more who just want to stay hidden. And he said that these people are linked, they refer themselves as we, as one collective entity. One goal, one desire. It reminds me of the canceled...
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    The Silence in Faith.

    Deconstructing Faith Do you ever hear the "silence" when you are on the top of your faith? There are people who said that they only hear silence, or unanswered pray or they feel like God abandons them when they think they are on the top of their faith. I mean, I'll write a personal example...
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    Social Hierarchy: Elite Vs. Us

    I was watching Jordan Peterson and it hit me when he talked about hierarchy. Bear with me, I want to try to express what I had in mind into a few brief words. So basically, he said that hierarchy is important, it is undeniable that there will be people on the top and the majority of the...
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    The Carnivore Diet

    Is it me of it is a bit off about carnivore diet? People like Mikhaila Peterson has been promoting it. And based on her posts she looks better. She also has been doing fasting for 60 hours without eating but still drinking water.
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    These triangle symbols...

    Panic At the Disco Fall Out Boys The Dark Side of the Moon Any one knows the true meaning of them? And are there more of these out there?
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    Dylan O'brien.

    I am a fan of him. I was a casual viewer Teen Wolf, when he departed I stopped to watch the show. He had a horrible incident, it caused the final movie of maze runner being in held for about a year. Now he recovered but you can see the scar on his face. Not that visible but it got me thinking...
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    Love Yourself Agenda.

    At first, this sounds really good and idealistic. We often find ourselves being treated like doormat and without respect. That's why the phrase is powerful. However, considering known celebrities like Ariana Grande (one song comes in mind about this theme is the song Thank You, Next) or course...
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    SKAM: Norwegian Series

    I never paid attention to European movies or series. I enjoy them but sometimes it is hard to find subtitles. Skam has been being remake 8 countries. I watched the series and I find it very relatable. The acting feels so real. One scene bothers me, when Isak played by Tarjei Sandvik Moe...
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    Bandsnatch: Netflix

    I know Black Mirror has a lot of symbolisms in the past. But this recent episode is very blantant. The book, the door and the key. The all knowing eye symbol. Also the mind control. What do you think?
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    True Detective

    I don't know if the thread of this series already exists. But I want to discuss it, and ask people what they think. I remember I was obsessed with this show years back then. Rust Cohle was very appealing for me (still is). Now, I grew older and I have the sense to reevaluate the whys. The show...