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  1. neptunejoo

    Training vs just working out

    the difference is painstaking, I guess Back in days, people had mentors or such a gurus. Men used to train and had disciples. Those disciples could have many mentors. And naturally, when one already attained and accomplished a knowledge, a skill, or wisdom. One could wander to seek another...
  2. neptunejoo

    Cain and Abel Were Reptilian Hybrids?

    I think I heard this kind of notion from David Icke or something, this idea has been going for a while. My answer is, I don't know maybe reptilian part in human beings is desire, greed, lust, id (Freud's term) manifested into physical form? But i do believe temptation is real. And it sure...
  3. neptunejoo

    Regarding Uyghur

    We do know we worship Allah. That's the first thing we learn in this religion. The concept of the Creator. But I do agree that there are too many fractions and too little unity in this world. Even in the inside of religions teaching, we are taught to hate and dismiss those who are different...
  4. neptunejoo

    What does the Koran actually say about prayer?

    Always. Always. And always. In every religion thread, all I see is people throw quotes of Holy Books. Believe what you believe, what's the point of this dispute? We know the real enemy is, at least some sense of it. The Antichrist, Dajjal, Freemanson, Zionists whoever. Their classic tactic is...
  5. neptunejoo

    Creepy - Sleepy Uncle Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

    I am not American. But sometimes I wonder why do people elect such people like Trump and Biden. Both seem don't have virtues of charismatic leaders. Just like decide which one is the worst of the worse.
  6. neptunejoo

    Entertainment x BTS x Politics x EXPOSED

    What does this comment mean We know milk does have beneficial nutrition for our bodies. Breastfeeding is so prominent in for both mothers and child. For babies, it can protect against infections and reduce the rates of later health problems including diabetes, obesity, and asthma. For mothers...
  7. neptunejoo

    Regarding Uyghur

    Thank you for thorough researches, you've done more than me. It's very heartwarming that you actually care. It still feels so hard to I think about this subject, when I am doing my daily house chores and knowing there are people being tortured there but nothing I can do to help :/ Hope the...
  8. neptunejoo

    Regarding Uyghur

    Habibi. I am Muslim and I don't throw around the word 'Infidel' very lightly. Most of us don't, because we understand how offensive that word is. Even our Christian and Jews brothers and sisters, we call them People of the Book. Buddhist or Hindus, we call them Brother and Sisters of...
  9. neptunejoo

    Favorite Quran Verses

    My mom hinted me about how much she wanted a grandchild days ago. It upset me somehow. And the next morning, I learnt about the concept of sakinah, mawaddah and rahmah And of His signs is that He created for you from yourselves mates that you may find tranquillity in them; and He placed...
  10. neptunejoo

    Hanx ( Tom Hanks )

    Sorry I have slow brain
  11. neptunejoo

    Entertainment x BTS x Politics x EXPOSED

    Regarding TH. I found him very interesting. Yes he is handsome something about his face you cannot keep your eyes out. I don't religiously watch all BTeEs videos but when I do, I will observe TH. I think the last Run BTS when all the members creating literal clothes to wear, he made up...
  12. neptunejoo

    Entertainment x BTS x Politics x EXPOSED

    Look at this animation Not sure but is this animation Kookie? He's gonna be the ultimate sacrifice?
  13. neptunejoo

    BTS discussion thread

    You don't have to believe in magic or ritual to produce addictive songs. There are formula that is widely known in music industry that if you do that, or have that such a melody. The song will become easy listening. And you see they've been accused of plagiarizing others works, a well known...
  14. neptunejoo

    Regarding Uyghur

    That's horrifying. After I posted this, I did minor researches regarding Xinjiang. The thing is it seems the struggle has been going on for centuries. The people of borders they said. Maybe the root of the issues is more political. Which is funny. Dilraba Dimurat is Uigyur and she has been the...
  15. neptunejoo

    Kpop Satanic/Illuminati Influence

    Makes me remember Vee fr BTS popularized the term, "I purple u" and now the Samsung Galaxy has purple theme.
  16. neptunejoo

    Entertainment x BTS x Politics x EXPOSED

    I watched ErEm VLive, 2019. When he showed his 'shrines' of dolls. KAWS, those dolla are so disturbing. But the most disturbing things are those pair of baby shoes on his piano. Like wtf? Who decorates with baby shoes? When he showed that he was like 'uhhh i like these, so cute' and my mind...
  17. neptunejoo

    Entertainment x BTS x Politics x EXPOSED

    Just finished watching this whole débâcle. Lol no. They just quietly avoided each other. You can see from the body language. Even when Vë initiated the conversation, he hugged his arms around his body, like protective gesture. I wonder what happened between them. The first few minutes, my eyes...
  18. neptunejoo

    The World has gone Mad in 2020

    Don't forget about South and North Korea dispute also China and India? And Yemen's crisis. Hopefully, no nuclear war will be activated...
  19. neptunejoo

    Entertainment x BTS x Politics x EXPOSED

    I want this covid to end. We use entertainment for escapism from boring life? Now it feels like I am on the verge of amusing myself to death. No matter where I turn, I always bump into some sort of "them" the idols. Or trainee or new debut boy/girl bands or something. People keep talking about...
  20. neptunejoo

    Transgender agenda in Kpop

    Checking out this thread. Who are these girls/idols/boys? I feel like I don't subscribe to the idols industry and there are thousands of them born. Do people even remember em?