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  1. Bent8484

    The sin of the Nicolaites

    This verse, in Revelation 2:6, is a bit puzzling without context: "But you have this in your favor—you hate what the Nicolaitans are doing. I also hate what they’re doing." So I looked up the Nicolaites, to find out what this sin was... some sources say adultery, but that's an...
  2. Bent8484

    Berlin museum vandalism

    So, this happened. They say that the pieces were stained with a "non-corrosive oil", and the people they suspect believe that the Pergamon museum is occupied by Satan himself, so it's a bit odd to me that media aren't putting 2 and 2 together... I'd theorize that they'll find the stains are...
  3. Bent8484

    Nazca kitty

    In lighter news... A new geoglyph was discovered among the mysterious Nazca lines, and it's pretty cute.
  4. Bent8484

    Thought 2020 couldn't get stranger? Russia just claimed Venus

    Here's the article about it. This is in the wake of the announcement earlier this week that phosphine metabolites had been detected in the Venusian atmosphere, and since they break down quickly, these metabolites are likely being replenished by a biological source, probably extremophile...
  5. Bent8484

    Kalachakra initiation 2020 and the ISS UFOs

    So, I was recently reading the "Gods" volume of TTSA's "Gods, man, and war" (which is interestingly only available in print, unlike the other books in the series, likely because of its controversial content), and there was mention of an interesting correlation between high profile UFO cases with...
  6. Bent8484

    Marina Abramovic's opera

    Here's a link to an article about it. I'll check it out when it's free to stream, after the 5th, and come back here to post a review. *Bavarian* state opera, eh? Now, where did I hear about a famous group of Bavarians, again? Things that make you go "mmh"...
  7. Bent8484

    A different explanation for the use of DUMBs

    I'm just gonna leave this article here, I'll come back to this thread tonight with some theories...
  8. Bent8484

    Templars, crop circles, and the anglo-saxon mission

    Okay, so, this one might be a bit of a stretch, even by my usual standards...but please bear with me. I'm sure most of you have heard about the Templar cross crop circle. If not, here's an article. Note the specific type of Templar cross. As you can see below, there are many different ways to...
  9. Bent8484

    Chadwick Boseman and Jackie Robinson

    So, I've recently come across some strange coincidences relating to Chadwick Boseman's death. It's hard to think of cancer as being foul play, but some of the details around the Black Panther actor's death do seem odd. Some interesting facts: -The VMAs, which I'm sure everyone here is familiar...
  10. Bent8484

    High Strangeness

    Hey, wouldn't it be cool to have a high strangeness section? It would be a pretty wide umbrella label for many types of conspiracy topics, I think. I know VC's main focus is media and secret societies, but I've recently come to the conclusion that these two subject areas are related (after...
  11. Bent8484

    Southern Idaho strangely still resonating with quake swarms months after M6.5

    I just came across this article on strange sounds, which I thought was interesting. The earthquake was centered further North, but the region that's still resonating months later is southern Idaho... Article This got my attention because I was recently reading about Southern Idaho and parts of...
  12. Bent8484


    Did anyone else see David Blaine's creepy "Ascension" ad on YouTube? Does anyone have any idea what that's about? The title, the balloon floating above the clouds, the trippy is David Blaine planning to commit ritual suicide or something?
  13. Bent8484

    On a possible laboratory origin...

    Here's an interesting paper on the origins of covid:
  14. Bent8484

    Arecibo telescope is offline

    The largest radio telescope in the world is Chinese run, which makes Arecibo Observatory the largest one in free and public hands. It's just been blinded. Wired article Could this be sabotage?