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  1. Devine

    Hunter Biden This is interesting because: -Joe has denied on numerous occasions on film having ever met this man. -Facebook and Twitter blocked the article from being shared yesterday, even on private...
  2. Devine

    Acadia Health

    A group of whistle blowers are trying to bring attention to this on twitter. @kls_69 is the handle I saw.
  3. Devine

    Search Problems

    Hello @VigilantCitizen ! So when I try to do a search for this thread by searching "mk" or "mk ultra" or "mk ultra glitch" i get no results. Yet the thread is here Why is this?
  4. Devine

    Fun Game

    Look around your room and name any object you see. I can tell you how it can kill you.
  5. Devine

    Live Chat

    VC have you ever done a live chat here? Problem with threads is that like a typical American I have the attention span of a fish so it's hard to keep up :)
  6. Devine

    WHAT is in the ENVELOPES???

  7. Devine

    Hanx ( Tom Hanks )

    If you want to know why SJP might be looking at Tom Hanks like this: Click here:
  8. Devine

    What do you make of this executive order?

    Passed when Trump first came into office:
  9. Devine

    Chrissy Tiegen

  10. Devine

    Veteran Confronts Joe Biden

  11. Devine

    Planned Parenthood

  12. Devine

    "White people, stop it!"

  13. Devine

    It's Demonic!

  14. Devine

    The Wayfair Conspiracy

    In case you haven't heard, please go to twitter and search "wayfair" . yes that wayfair the home goods company. it is a rabbit hole. apparently someone started poking around after noticing that they have certain items listed at very high prices. the items have names attached to them as...
  15. Devine

    Kanye West 2020

    well. trying to digest this. meanwhile found an old thread i did i don't even remember what it's about!
  16. Devine

    Canadian Company Goodables

    Is something fishy going on here? Check out this thread:
  17. Devine

    Demi Moore Ewwww

    Tell me this is not the creepiest especially That song. these people are sick.
  18. Devine


    This was on the news in Turkey recently:
  19. Devine

    Happy Fourth of July!!!

    okay it took me forever to do this please read and enjoy:
  20. Devine

    Rachel Chandler

    Ray Chandler is an alleged human trafficker/handler and associate of Jeffrey Epstein. Ray posted her creepy photos on Instagram for the world to see, including one of the dungeons under the Epstein Island temple. She and Epstein thought they were untouchable.